Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Total Chaos.

(And still in the past.  And, this post has no pictures...so, if you like pictures - come back another time.)

So, we found out in early March that we were officially moving to Switzerland.  So, naturally I went into crazy purge mode - finally my opportunity to get my husband to go through his twelve bins of photos (half of which are pictures of scenery...I mean, really...like eight hundred photos of scenery...I love my husband and all his crazy pictures).  And, our neighborhood was having a big garage sale...perfect.  So, I was ready to ditch everything - I told Jake that I didn't want to bring anything that wasn't going to make it out of the box.  We (I) decided it was time to ditch our baby gear - we were three babies deep and although we hadn't ruled out a fourth baby, we knew the timing to have another baby during this major life changing move wouldn't be the best time.  So, we ditched the majority of our baby gear...even my beloved "brest friend". As someone was looking at our stroller, Jake says to me, "Doesn't this make you sad?  Selling all of our baby stuff?"  And my answer, "Not one bit."  So, there went our baby gear.  A couple of weeks later, my cousin had a baby (sweet baby Luke...love him) - and at Easter I got to love him lots.  There is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby all cuddled up on your chest...love it.  So, Jake says to me, "Doesn't this make you want to have another baby?" And my response (as I am enjoying my third glass of sangria), "Not one bit."  I was feeling really good about where God had us - our three boys (shoot, I still had a baby - Sam just turned one in March), a huge move, and just figuring out life...and I was known to say (when asked about having a fourth) that, "I would rather die than be pregnant right now."  So, the night after Easter I turn to Jake and say, "Do you remember when my last period was?"  And his answer, "No."...hmmmm.  (Well, honestly...I wasn't worried...there was NO way I was pregnant.  You see, a few months earlier I had decided that once I was done nursing, I would manage my own fertility and not go on birth control.  When I told my sister-in-law this amazing plan, her response (while laughing), "You are never going to be able to do it.  Call me when you are pregnant."  Whatever - I was totally going to be able to do this.  If anyone could manage her own fertility, it was me.)  So, Tuesday morning after Easter while I am cleaning I remember that I have some pregnancy tests and I am going to take one to just give myself some peace of mind (while knowing I was totally not pregnant).  Well, that "T" line showed up immediately...I was indeed pregnant.  This girl, who was managing (or mismanaging) her own fertility was pregnant...two months after finishing nursing...after we had decided to do a more permanent form of birth control (however, we both knew I could totally manage my own fertility)...this girl was pregnant...and moving halfway across the world...with no support network...that girl was pregnant.  So, yes, when I found out, I fell to the ground and started crying.  I couldn't believe I was pregnant - honestly, there has never been anything more shocking in my life...no joke.  So, after I have a few minutes to stop shaking - I text Jake - "Call me." and he replies with - "I am in a meeting." and I send back another text - "Well, I still need you to call me."...and then the black hole.  So, I give him five minutes and I send another text - "Like get out of your meeting and call me right this second."  And, then he calls...finally. So, I tell him I am pregnant...enter shock, but he also responds with, "Well, we said we always wanted four kids."  Ok, not helping...not one little bit.  (Ok, side note - I asked Jake what did he think I wanted with my texts since he wasn't calling me - he says, "I thought something was wrong with one of the boys."  Ok, good to know - hard pressed to get Jake to call.  I guess at least he trusts me...hmmm.)  So, I then call my mom - again, total shock.  And then I call my sister-in-law...who doesn't stop laughing for the first ten minutes of the call.  So, here we are...having baby number four.  And, we know God's timing is perfect...and we know He has a sense of humor!  And, we will welcome total chaos come November...let's be honest, we are already in total chaos.

And fast forward a little bit in this story...we are having baby BOY number four!  Yes, we are meant for ALL BOYS.  We were very thankful that this pregnancy started off very easy - I was sick, but not nearly as sick as I was with the first three (and especially Sam...the thought of being sick until thirty-six weeks while doing this move and single parenting it for the summer was enough to sink this girl).  We found out at nineteen weeks that I had a complete placenta previa (which just means that my placenta covers the cervix).  Of course I Googled it (love me some Google) and had a bit of panic - not so much with needing a c-section, but the thought of bed rest...half way across the world...away from ALL of our family and friends...hmmm...that was going to be interesting.  However, I read that 95% of the time the placenta moves and isn't a big deal at all - awesome.  I had lots of people tell me that were diagnosed with placenta previa and by twenty-four weeks, the placenta had moved.  Great news.  Due to the move and insurance issues, we decided to wait for another ultrasound until after I moved.  Thankfully, we found an English speaking OB and had an ultrasound three weeks ago.  Well, sadly to say - no movement...still a complete placenta previa...sad.  And, I might have cried when he told us - it just all feels so overwhelming.  Thankfully, they are way more chill here and don't do mandatory bed rest (the States pretty much require it if you have a complete placenta previa) - they wait to see if you have any bleeding, which thankfully I haven't had any.  So, we'll do another ultrasound at this week - we are very hopeful the placenta will move.  We really aren't too worried about it all - this condition is rare to actually have at delivery, so we just wait and trust in God.  I would be lying if I said the whole bed rest thing doesn't weigh in the back of my mind, but we know God is in control and His plans are better than our plans.  And, as of right now - I am not on any type of limited activity - we didn't ask and my OB didn't offer - ignorance is bliss at times. 

So, here is to preparing for total chaos come November!  (And no, this baby will not be Swiss - this baby will be all American.  And yes, he can still run for President one day...even though he won't be born in the States...in case anyone was wondering.)


Amy said...

Just think of it this way...one day, Lord willing, you will inherit FOUR daughters in law :). AND, technically speaking, you won't have to pay for weddings :). Your boys are adorable so it looks like one more cutie pie will be added to the mix. :) Congrats, friend!

Kimberly Dee said...

Yeah for baby boys... Good thing you're already a ringmaster. Bring on the circus! :)

Amy Gerak said...

Such a cool retelling of your prego story-- was laughing, too, about trying to "manage" fertility naturally! When you are blessed with fertility, what can you do?? Anyway... I emailed you awhile back bout your previa. I will be praying, but I am so glad you are well now and able to move around freely!! Can't wait to meet that baby boy 4! :)