Friday, December 13, 2013

Growth Spurts

Yay for Max - four weeks old! He'll be one month tomorrow...hard to believe it has been a month already! And since he'll be a month means Gramma Anne is leaving very soon...this next week. She has been with us for almost two months...she has to leave at some point...but it is never easy to say goodbye to your mom, especially knowing this time it will be a long time before I see her again. (I get super emotional just thinking about is my mom and my hormones are crazy right now!) She has been a tremendous help - words cannot describe how incredibly grateful I am...all of us are. I am not sure I would have made it these last two months without her...even with her broken arm and everything! My mom is also the only non-immediate family member that has met Max (Jake's parents come at Christmas), which also makes me a little sad...just a different experience this time around. I loved living near family for so long - definitely took it for granted. I look forward to the day when everyone can meet this sweet boy!

 So, what did week four bring for little Max? Well, it brought growth spurts...or at least I tell myself that due to the constant nursing. I swear he has a growth spurt every other day. Max continues to find lots of comfort in being at the breast...ugh. He just loves me so much (I need to enjoy this time - it is short lived...our boys are Daddy's boys). Sadly, I cannot and will not nurse him all day. He doesn't seem too down with sleeping during the day (sounds like a couple of his brothers...Judah was our only rock star napper). He is showing no signs of colic (praise God) - he does cry...but then again, he is a baby. He is fairly content, but he loves to be held...and is most content when being held...especially when being held and nursing. He has had some longer stretches of sleep at night (as in totally sleeping through the night...I call it a fluke, not reality)...BUT, he still sleeps with me and is really the only way he'll sleep (just talking myself into the downward spiral right now). I blame the c-section for this. It was too hard for me to move after my section, so he just stayed with me...and naturally, slept with me. Now a month in and still going strong...ugh. I know we need to work on this, but he also needs a room, which he still doesn't have...definitely moving Sam this weekend! I have also realized that Max can cry...and he'll be okay. He is not my first baby - I have lots of little boys that need to be cared for in this, as much as I want to lay around with my sweet newborn and hold him all the isn't a reality...not at all.

So, sometimes he needs to be put down and cry...while I fish Sam out of the toilet, or prevent World War 3 between Hugh and Judah, or make dinner for lots of hungry mouths. I hate to see Max cry, but it is a part of life...that only the first born is able to avoid! We are still rocking the Woombie for most naps and nights...sure wish I had bought another one. We tried out a little tummy time this week - he was fine...and his brothers were ALL over him. LOVE their baby brother. He doesn't seem to love the car seat...luckily, he won't be going too many places. He had his first doctor appointment - he weighs 7lbs. 6oz. and I have no idea how long he is because something gets said in centimeters and I lose it...I'll make sure to pay attention at the two month appointment. He is scheduled for a hip ultrasound - I guess they do it for c-section babies, which surprised the doctor because she said it is normally only for breech babies, and we are fairly certain Max wasn't breech at birth. Our doctor said she sees no issues with his hips. He went to church for the first time - he did great (he'll be with us until forever at church since they don't start creche (nursery) until a year-old). I swear he is just itching to smile at me...he just stares at me and opens his mouth so a smile...or, like a shark trying to eat me. It is hard to figure out his wake time - he still nurses for WAY too long, so I then feel like he already had his wake time, but he also sleeps when lots to work on with this boy! All in good time...this isn't my first rodeo, so I know routines, sleeping, and life after baby come...all in good time...sometimes, you just want that good time to come sooner rather than later. I would have thought by my fourth rodeo that I would have had this thing wired...but that is not the case...and that shouldn't surprise is me...and I do tend to over complicate things...hmmm, something to work on for myself. So, we got some things to work on this week...letting Max cry, crib sleeping, falling asleep on his own, and the list goes I up for the challenge?, not really.

So, how am I doing? Adjusting. (Adjusting to life...and to post baby body (yuck)...funny line from Hugh..."So, if Max is now out of your tummy...then why do you still have a baby in there?" (I would like to see him say that after he has four kids...just be quiet.)) Scared about my mom leaving me with all my kids...but realizing I'll survive (or, at least I hope I will). Trying to give myself some grace with the amount of TV and iPad time my kids are won't be like this forever...and I just want to survive...not trying to win any medals. Trying to give myself grace over the amount of TV I watch...I catch up on a lot of American TV while nursing...thank goodness for pirated TV with Turkish subtitles (totally legal here by the way)...the website is actually down right now and to say I am devastated would be a bit of an understatement...just a bit...I need my smut! Honestly, I just want to stay in my house...I am not depressed (I know what it feels like to have the baby blues) just seems so much easier to be home and to stay warm. I know it won't be like this forever, but again just trying to survive. I'll be setting some VERY low expectations of myself over the next couple of months...just trying to survive (see the theme). So, here is to survival...and to Christmas!


Amy said...

Miss you guys! Looks like things are going well, praise God!

Kimberly Dee said...

Can you only stream tv there on that turkish site? What about Netflix? I'm completely fascinated!

Amy Gerak said...

Soo behind on blog reading! So glad you are surviving!! Miss you and praying, Amy :)