Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!


Six weeks and Merry Christmas to our sweet Max! Hard to believe Christmas has come and gone and 2013 is almost done. Ever since having children (and the more children we have), the years fly by. 2013 has been a big year for us - job change, huge move and new baby...supposedly those items are in the top ten for the most stressful life events...truth in that! Max has been the best Christmas surprise we could have ever been given...stress and everything that comes along with it. He is such a sweet, little guy...a Christmas blessing!


So, what did week six bring for Max? Well, it brought Christmas! Honestly, Max slept the majority of the morning and early afternoon...and he only had one gift under the tree (not even from us), he didn't miss out on much. No, I don't buy gifts for babies...just don't see the need. He was up for the evening and then had a really hard time going to sleep Christmas night (Merry Christmas to me!)...however, I will not complain because for the most part he is a good sleeper. I just wish I could get better sleep - I normally wake up in a panic thinking that he has stopped breathing...I am total crazy person! He got to meet Gramma Peggy and Papa Dan...very exciting...we LOVE having people come visit (hint hint to my three readers :)). He still has his most awake part of the day at night - doesn't really want to sleep, but he likes to be in the Moby...for the most part - sometimes he screams out like I am trying to cut his body in half. He still gets a bottle of formula every night - I believe this helps him sleep better at night...I would give him a tranquilizer if I thought it would help him sleep better at night...wait a second, where can I get my hands on some tranquilizers?!? Sometimes, the formula at night can backfire a little and it keeps him up a bit...but, still going to push the bottle at night. I wish he was going to bed at 7 - Sam was at this age and then we would wake him up for a dream feed...but not Max..he is most awake from 7 to much for my "me time"...we did decide to have four "me time" went away with my body! Max for the most part will remain fairly calm during this time...but he would like to eat A LOT...and no, thank you. Still no love affair with breast feeding...means to an end. Max still has a love affair with Mama - there is something about this early mother/baby bond that is so amazing...and completely draining all at the same time. I do happen to have the most amazing husband in the entire world (no joke...he cooked Christmas dinner all by himself), Jake makes it easy for me to manage the insanity.

Max still doesn't get nearly as much tummy time as he needs...because he still takes FOREVER to eat!!! I think we both are to blame for the forever eating - praying it isn't like this forever because I would lose my mind! He is the gassiest baby ever, but the gas drops help and seems to be doing fine. The spitting up began this week - a couple puke sessions. He also gets the worst all the time...the joys of having a newborn.  Max still has a very weird breathing pattern where he gets into this frenzy...can't figure it out. He is smiling more, but doesn't seem very purposeful about it. He is total pacifier baby - I would be shocked if he drops the paci. He is definitely a Saylor - looks nothing like me...oh, well. He still looks so small to me and I get nervous he isn't getting enough to eat (yes, the eating thing makes me so crazy)...I know he is, but I still decided to start taking a supplement...Galactogil (it is French...not available in the, that doesn't make me nervous...not one bit). Who knows if is works - it is grossly sweet and that is big for me to say since I love myself some candy. At least I don't smell like maple syrup (no more Fenugreek for me). And no, we still haven't moved Sam...Sam is sick...again (I didn't think it was humanly possible to get sick so many times!!!), we are waiting...but it will happen real soon...real soon. The boys still are all over him - it is really sweet how much they love them. Honestly, all our boys are so sweet with each other - yes, they fight like wild dogs...but I know they love each other so much...only a matter of time before Max is running with them. Max is truly our Christmas blessing - a surprise Christmas gift...but those are the best kind!


Honestly, Max has made the transition to four monkeys fairly smooth...also, having extra hands around has made the transition smooth as well, but Max really is a sweet baby that LOVES his mommy. I love this little guy so much - I really feel like I am enjoying the newborn stage, but I am not feeling sad anymore...I feel complete...and ready to move on. Nobody is missing - we are all, it is just time to get my body back...wish I could just buy a new one!



Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

Love reading your stories & seeing your pics! Love you!

Brandie said...

Merry Christmas Saylor Family. Praying for you Jenn (especially in the BF department). You definitely win a medal in my book. You are a great Mama. Hang in there.

Amy Gerak said...

Love these pics of your Christmas!! I agree with Brandie; you deserve many medals!! So glad you are all making it one day at a time. Praying for you all, Amy :)