Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sweet Boy

Seven weeks...Max is seven weeks old! Our baby boy is getting bigger everyday. It took me forever to see it, but I am seeing him get bigger now - I started to think he was going to stay little forever...because he was so little (and he is still little...especially when all of his crazy brothers are around!)...but he is starting to get long...with a little chunk. Like I said last week, I am ready for him to get move onto new stages with our four boys. I am not going to lie though - oh, my heart will miss this newborn stage. Yes, the newborn stage is a lot of work - sleepless nights and the giving of your whole self...but there is nothing sweeter than a newborn least not to me. I can hold this boy for hours - rubbing his sweet head...I do, that is why he is bald on top! So, I am embracing this time with Max - praising God for this sweet blessing!

So, what did week seven bring for Max? Well, he still sleeps in our room...but, he is being evicted...tonight! Sam has moved to the guest room since sadly, our guests have left (we will miss Gramma and Papa so much!!!) and we don't know when our next visitors will be (side note: Sam (and Max) will eventually sleep with the big boys...but Sam sleeps later than the big boys and this Mama is not ready to have Sam wake-up, guest room it is!). It will be weird not having Max with me - he has been with me every night since birth. The hard thing about Max is he has a REALLY hard time going to sleep at night. (This is something we really need to work on - I am not sure why he is struggling so much.) So, I am sure I will spending a lot of time back and forth with him at night until he goes to sleep. And, I swear if he doesn't sleep well in his own room then he is coming back to our room...oh, yes he is. He is still struggling from the seven to ten time period at night...well, he actually struggles until about midnight. He is happy and will "rest," but he never fully falls asleep. He has such an easy time in the morning and then gets progressively worse as the day goes on. Now, he is fairly chill...but I would still prefer a better sleep cycle for him. He'll sometimes fall asleep on his own, but I hear every little sound - between him and is like sleeping in a barn (fo' reals). We'll see how next week goes...maybe I'll get a good (like really, really good) night of sleep!...a girl can dream. I am still doing the bottle every night (which I might just prop up on him so I don't have to hold the bottle...I know, I know...such a horrible mother!) and I don't see that changing. He is getting formula - I cannot handle the thought of pumping right now and formula makes perfect sense to me! He has enjoyed being held a lot these past two weeks and getting to sleep in people's arms...I am sure the transition to stop doing that should be fun! I have a feeling he'll be in the Moby a bit more now that there are no extra Gramma hands to hold him - good thing he likes the Moby...right next to Mama. He had a little more tummy time this week - not super into it, but he still seems to have a strong neck - he is always trying to hold his head up. His brothers are all over him during tummy time...I feel bad for Max. I am sure Sam will body slam him at some point...just a matter of time. He has been throwing out some smiles, but I wouldn't label him as a "smiley" baby - we'll see. Still hoping and praying for some faster eating times...such a slow eater! (The slow eating is going to drive me CRAZY!) I am struggling a bit with nursing (fairly certain I have thrush, which is absolutely miserable - it really makes me sad because I really feel like Max is a good nurser (just super slow) and we have been doing really well, but thrush could do me in), but praying things will get better. He is still the gassiest baby ever!  He is super sensitive when I accidentally scratch him, but doesn't say a word when Sam falls on him...hmm. I still think he looks just like Jake and Hugh, but I am not sure he has Hugh's face shape yet - we'll see. We applied for his passport - getting pictures was fun (trying to get a baby to open his eyes and keep his head straight (so they can see both ears) is not the easiest task). We will have to meet with the consulate in Geneva in the next few weeks and hopefully, smooth sailing from there - Max will finally have a country to call home! Max is so sweet - all babies are sweet, but Max is really sweet. We are so blessed to have this little guy!

So, reality is here - like four kids five and under, school schedule, foreign country, English not the first language, no family support network reality is here. Yikes! all that reality, wine tastes the, I am all set. Kidding. God is the same - no matter where we go, what we have around us, our crazy circumstances...God is the same. Praying I lean on Him and not myself...I will fail miserably leaning on myself. I am in a season with four crazy boys...praying I enjoy this season in spite of my new reality. I can do this - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me..bring it! Also, I have Jake and he is amazing - I know he can do it...and drag me along with him!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
I love your posts. Sorry, I haven't commented yet. Max is super cute. Love you guys! Love, Evy

Amy Gerak said...

Love his sweet face!! Hang in there, Jenn. You are amazing. Praying for your strength to enjoy and also handle all the crazy, Amy :)