Saturday, February 1, 2014

More of the Same

(I am starting this post a little irritated - I write the blog posts on my phone and then email them to myself...well, I am fairly certain little hands got to my phone and deleted my blog post note.  So, time to rewrite...I am tired and wittiness is all dried up for the day.)

Happy eleven weeks to our sweet boy, Max!  Hard to believe we are quickly approaching three months with this sweet boy.  Well, the blog is titled more of the same because that is what I am getting...more of the same.  Max is still totally hating on naps.  Bummer.  He is also having such a hard time with his sleep transition.  I love this sweet boy - but yes, I just want him to go to sleep!!!  I rock my babies to sleep (I know, shame on me)...but even I can get tired after an hour or so plus of rocking this sweet boy at night.  So, it wasn't intentional, but I let him cry it out this week - I had a call for work (yes, I know it sounds absolutely crazy, but I still work for a US company...there are days when I wonder why in the world I still do this, but there is a part of me that likes the release of work...crazy, I know) and after rocking him for close to ninety minutes and still no sleep (Jake was traveling so he couldn't take over) - I let him cry.  It only lasted about ten minutes...and now, I believe he is ready to cry.  I am not good at letting my kids cry...hence why we were still feeding Sam in the night until he was almost a year-old, but I know Max is fed...he is just struggling with falling asleep and I know he needs to be able to fall asleep on his own.  I know we won't be in this place forever, but give a Mama of four kids a break and just go to sleep already!  For the love of all things good, go to sleep!!! 

So, what did week eleven bring for Max?  Well, I would say the letting him cry was a big least in my book.  We'll see how it goes.  I just would like him on a better routine - for the most part we are there, but we need a better nighttime deal..not a three hour process.  Max is sweet about not going to sleep...he normally just likes to lay in your arms and stare at you...sweet baby, but I need a break.  I was telling Jake this week that I am having sensory overload...some days, I just want the constant touching from the boys to stop!!!  I am ALWAYS being touched by one of them...and I just need a break at times...I know, it sounds horrible, but I need the break.  I normally end up rocking him a big chunk of his second nap of the day so I can rest with him...gotta get the rest where I can.  The last couple naps of the day I am in survival mode...we get what we can get.  He actually has taken a couple of cat naps in the swing in the later part of the day...maybe I can convert this swing hater.  Honestly, even if Max is awake - he is happy...he just doesn't like to be awake and in his bedroom alone...he must be a social boy.  So, we'll keep working on the sleep will happen eventually.  He is still enjoying his time on his play mat and in the bouncer...however, he seems to be getting a little restless in the bouncer (sad, the bouncer has been his faithful faithful friend). 

So, we busted out the Bumbo (woot, woot)...and he seems to like it.  I think he'll really like it - so much more to see from the Bumbo.  His brothers all thought the Bumbo was super cool as well...I was really hoping one of them would get stuck in it because I wouldn't have gotten them out of it (seriously)...but our boys are so dang skinny, they can slip in and out of it.  I think we are past the Moby stage and are more into the Ergo stage now...I LOVE the Ergo, so this works out great!  We spent some time outside this week...trying to get my boys to embrace the cold...they can be quite whiney about it, but sometimes you need to get out of the house before you lose your mind!!!  He is still super smiley and lots of cooing and it.  He still hasn't close...both Jake and I gunning for that first laugh.  I am sure Jake will steal it - he always does.  Max is ticklish, so I know the giggle will come from the tickling...all in good time.  I do love hearing his sweet voice...seriously, Max is such a sweet baby.  He still loves being in the shower (when he actually gets a shower...fourth child, oh well)...and he got to shower with Mama (I do not enjoy showering with my children...I can't always have my way...sad)...sadly, the shower was freezing cold.  It seems like he may be getting tired of the Woombie...not sure I am quite there yet to let him break out of it...he still throws a lot of gang hands, so those hands need to be confined.  We are almost to the end of the "fourth trimester" so maybe we'll be ready to break the Woombie soon.  He is still very loved by his brothers...especially Judah.  He has big smiles for Judah.  Judah loves to "play" with Max, but sometimes Max doesn't love the sword fights, the car drops on the head, or being smothered by night-night...but he does love Judah...praying that relationship will be very sweet.  I still think he looks a lot like Hugh, but he also has a lot of Judah as well...nothing at all like Sam, so that means nothing like me.  We love this sweet boy...big time...even with the crazy sleeping!!!

So, I survived my first solo parenting experience this past week...we all survived.  It definitely was not easy, but I managed...thankfully, it was only for a few days.  I avoided having any emotional breakdowns this week...praise God, but I definitely had moments where I could have been a better parent.  I start with a long fuse in the morning...but my fuse gets shorter and shorter as the day goes on...until eventually, I blow-up...especially in a perfect storm, which I had while Jake was gone (that is always how it goes down when Jake is joke).  Thankful for God's sustaining grace and that my boys can forgive. 

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Amy Gerak said...

Sounds like you were a rock star Mama while Jake was away. Love his sweet pics! :)Love and prayers, Amy :)