Sunday, March 30, 2014


Maxime is nineteen weeks! Crazy!!! My little baby is getting big...really quick! And, he looks so big - sad. I just want him to stay little. However, when he is compared to other babies his age...he looks small...our small babies...with a big Mama (and just a random side note, when you are approaching thirty-five and still eat like a teenage boy, breast feeding does not make the weight just shed right off...sigh).  I love this baby so, it makes me want him to stay a baby for a bit longer.  Life is super crazy...four little ones is crazy.  I regularly think to myself - is this stage harder or will the next stage be harder?  But, it doesn't change the fact that I love the baby stage - hard or not, it is definitely a sweet stage.  I pray I embrace the moment and enjoy each stage...I better embrace it, because I am deep in it!

So, what did week nineteen bring for Maxime? Well, Daddy came home!!! Yay!!! (And, he is going to leave again soon...ugh.) Honestly, the fact that Daddy is home doesn't really impact Max...he just goes with the flow right now...doesn't matter if it is Mama or Daddy. However, Daddy being home is a BIG deal for me!!! So thankful he is home. Max got to celebrate in a birthday party for Sam...he was super chill...Max, not Sam...Sam is not chill. (Random side note - you definitely see culture differences when you throw birthday parties...Americans love themselves some dips...seriously. And other cultures, not so much.) So, I had a friend post on the Facebook about four month sleep regression...four kids deep and I had never heard about this four month sleep regression. So, I googled that bad boy (what would I do without the google?!?)...and, Max fits it to a T...seriously. Thankfully, this week has been much better (there are still nights when he'll cry and we let him cry, but it doesn't seem to last too long (or at least that is what I tell myself)), but we added another sleep crutch...the dream feed. I cannot believe we are adding a dream feed at four months old!!! Ugh!!! But, I'll do whatever to secure a decent night of sleep. So, he is still waking up too early (before child should be up before seven...shoot, no child should be up before eight, but in order to achieve that, I would have to lock my boys in cages...not to stay I am above that, but Jake is) and I'll put the pacifier in when he wakes up...if he keeps waking, then I know it is time to feed him and start the day; however, most days the paci will secure another sixty minutes of sleep in the morning...thank you. He had a really bad night the first night Jake came home...cried the hardest he has ever cried (clearly, he was struggling with Jake's re-entry) know what happened?!? Jake had taken his arms out of the Woombie! What?!? He is not ready. Jake sure thinks he is...but I am controlling this timeline. So, he is still in the Woombie. (I will cut Jake some slack though - Sundays are the worst for Max since he gets thrown off his schedule...he becomes a hot mess.) 

 His naps are still hit or miss...and I definitely do some paci replacement during baby, my problems. And, he still naps a bit in the swing...again, my baby, my problems. I am still trying to get him to play a little more...but he isn't having it. I explain to the toys that it isn't them, it's him and that he just isn't really that into them. His favorite thing lately is to shake his head "no"...he doesn't know he shaking his head "no"...guess he is getting a jump start on the toddler years.  Some times, I think he has a nervous tick with all the head shaking...he gets that from Jake.  Jake got to hear Max giggle...and that would be me making Max giggle...killing it.  He is so ticklish...I love it.  Max is super smiley and always has a big grin on his face.  Max only cries when he needs something...or doesn't want to sleep (sigh).  He will let anyone hold him and loves a good hold.  He still spends a lot of time in the Bumbo and bouncer...and I really need to make sure I watch him in that Bumbo because it is just a matter of time before he flings himself out of it...and he is normally always high up like on a table or counter (and yes, I have read the warning label on the Bumbo and I don't care). He needs to learn to sit-up, but he still can't roll over (and he still hates tummy time), we have some time.  He still adores his brothers and the feelings are mutual for everyone.  Max is such a perfect fourth boy for our family - so, so blessed!!!

I am back to being really my body aches, I have a hard time focusing on what anyone says tired.  And, I am coming up to another week with Jake being gone...shoot me.  I really try to just focus on each new day and not on the weeks...sometimes, that is easier said than done.  I pray that I can focus on Christ and knowing that my strength comes from much easier for me to type and know in my head than to know in my heart and put into practice.  Hopefully, I can practice what I preach and I can focus on Christ this week...take some deep breaths and realize that no craziness can last longer than fifteen minutes (except a crying baby in the middle of the night...or fighting sleep every chance he gets...that can last longer than fifteen minutes...oh, well).

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Amy Gerak said...

Totally cracking up at your posts. You continue to amaze. Love this pics. Glad to see you soon, Amy :)