Saturday, March 1, 2014

Battle for Naps

Max is fifteen weeks! Yay for little Max! Still so crazy to believe how quickly these weeks are flying by and how quickly this little guy is growing up and changing...too fast! So, we are BATTLING for naps this week...and let's just say this Mama is losing many battles, but what Maxime doesn't understand is that this Mama will not lose the war. All our boys go through this and it feels never-ending...because with our boys it is never-ending! But I am no quitter and this boy WILL nap. So, sadly he spent a lot of this past week crying...a lot (to the point where his older brothers would go around the house mimicking his cry...awesome). It is very sad. Sometimes, I let him cry and sometimes I don't (like right now...typing a blog and rocking a baby...who is sleeping...but will only sleep when being held...however, then I left him in the rocking chair and he is still sleeping). I busted out my essential oil arsenal and the peace and calming oil is more like the scream and crying oil (which made me grab my gin and tonic oil)...will move onto more choices. I NEED a napping baby. And, I need to chill out, but I still NEED a napping baby. So, I pray for this next week that Max hops his little tail on the napping train. And, I am fairly certain that if he doesn't, I'll be spending many posts whining about it.

So, what did week fifteen bring for Max? Well, besides the nap battles it brought lots of smiles and an almost giggle that I just want to call it a giggle. Although he is a total nap hater right now, he is still chill (I know, how can a baby be chill if he doesn't nap...well, Max can be...seriously)...and he is such a happy guy. He survived Judah falling on him with minimal tears. Judah can do no wrong in Max's book...even when he falls on top of him. Max acts like he might (emphasis on might) be trying to flip from back to stomach (I am not ready for any of this because I would prefer my babies stay immobile until the age of never works out), I know this means a no more Woombie, no more rock and play sleeper (I know, I know...we still haven't put him in the crib...I get scared since he sleeps so well at night), no more late afternoon swing naps (because we all know I never strap him in...that would be crazy), no more Bumbo time on the counter while I do something not ready for these changes. However, I am officially going to put him in the crib this weekend (and when I say officially, I don't really mean that...let's just be honest)...that trigger needs to be pulled. Praying he will still sleep well at night...this Mama needs a little sanity in her life.

His hair is really starting to grow in...super fuzzy on top, so cute! I think I can officially call him a brown eyed boy now...yay for Team Brown! He still seems to hate tummy time, but he'll tolerate it for a bit. If he isn't willing to tolerate it, he'll just flip to his back and watch TV...awesome (FYI...our TV is not on all the time...just seems like it). Max actually got out of his car seat for the first time at church - he has normally slept thru church every Sunday, which makes my life much easier...but I think he is all done with that now...sad. He has been better this week with his first nursing session of the day, but he is definitely becoming a lot more distracted during nursing...ugh. Luckily, the TV doesn't seem to distract him (yes, I guess the TV is on all the time), but his crazy brothers do. The big boys are so wild some times...ugh. I have actually thought of locking them out when I feed me, I try, but those resourceful boys always find a way in. He loves his hands and I think he would try to eat them if I let him...for reals.  He loves himself some fists...and I bet when he figures out he has fingers on those hands, he is going to get crazy excited!  I think he could probably drop his last feeding of the night and just go to bed around seven, but we enjoy having him in with us when we all sing and pray together at night. I am sure my sentiment on this will change when Jake is traveling. Max always smiles really big at me when I sing Amazing Grace to him (I only know like two verses, but he makes me feel like a rock star)...the other boys used to cry when I sang to them, so I would hum to them instead...I know, pathetic...and now, Hugh is a compulsive hummer. At least Max enjoys my voice...sweet boy. Seriously, this boy is the sugar is my life...he is too dang sweet. I love him to pieces!

Oh my, these weeks are flying by...I honestly cannot believe how fast the time goes by. This last week was "ski week" for Hugh, so we had lots of time to all hang out at home...I love not living by the school schedule, and I know Hugh was happy to be home. We had a great time (no it wasn't all great...sometimes, my kids make me lose my "stuff"...of course, it is all their has nothing to so with me). I continue to pray each and everyday that my sin is revealed to me...especially in how I shepherd these sweet boys. These trenches are deep some, so deep. And I don't know how I will get out...but then my boys make me laugh because they are so funny and they make me smile because they are sweet and make my heart ache because they are growing so big and my days with my littles are numbered...and then I realize that I am not supposed to get out of these trenches because this is exactly where God wants me to be...and He'll meet me in the trenches...He always does, I just miss it some times. Praying that I find joy everyday...deep in the trenches!

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