Sunday, March 9, 2014

Let the Fun Begin!

How is our little, handsome guy sixteen weeks old?!?  Seriously, these weeks are becoming such a is unreal.  Now, definitely not all the minutes in the days are a blur...not at all.  We still have a super nap hater on our hands and it can make for long days...really.long.days.  I need to constantly remind myself that my contentment is only found in Christ...not in a napping baby.  I swear I know I put that in the blog every week and I do believe it...I really do...just so hard to believe in the moment. Despite the non-napping, I still love him to pieces and think he is the greatest little guy...but he sure does look cute when he is sleeping...wish he would get the memo.

So, what did week sixteen bring for Max?  Well, it brought the crib (as in just today)...and it didn't go as I would have planned.  I am committed to try his naps in the crib...the trigger has been pulled.  Shoot, he isn't napping anyway...might as well do the serious sleep training right now. You see, when my babies don't nap, I really start to rethink breastfeeding. I start to think that maybe that is their issue (I know that is most likely not true, BUT I really start to think it). I also know (deep down) that Max will eventually nap because this isn't my first other boys had these same issues and they all nap now...and you know what, they don't even need to be in a swing to nap! But you know when you are in a season and you can't see through it even though you have been through it before?!? (I know, doesn't make much sense.) Anyway, we'll see how the crib goes (I am reminded by a certain somebody in the house (who doesn't have to deal with the sleep training that this trigger needs to pulled NOW)...easy for him to say since he'll be gone most of the next month...there are lots of things where the trigger needs to be pulled...all in good time.)...I am going to keep a sunshine attitude about it. I'm just scared to death about Max's sleeping at night...honestly, Max has been an amazing sleeper at night since birth (no joke)...he use to take some time to fall asleep, but once he fell asleep, he slept...I worry that the crib transition is going to change all of that...ugh. He has also been waking up too early this past week...freaking out. The pacifier will pacify him (at least something does it's job)...but I panic a bit. (Clearly still need to work out my issues about finding my joy in a sleeping baby...ahhh!!!...Lots of work to do on my heart and where my joy is found!)

Max has gotten out of the house more this week, which means so have I! The weather has been great and we are enjoying some walks outside - I am really praying the weather continues to be nice. He seems to enjoy being in the Ergo, which is great. I am sure he will be spending a lot more time in it. I really need to start getting active again...seriously. I feel like I am eighty years-old at times. Not good at all. Max still spends a fair amount of time in the Bumbo and the bouncy seat. And is continuing to revolt against these practices...sadly. I think the days of my easy baby just hanging out might be behind me...hmmm. Can't a girl just catch a break?!? He wants to explore the world more...I get do I at times...but we all have our limits. He has started putting his hands around his face when he cute. He still also has times where he would just like to nurse for like an joke. Sometimes, I feel like I still have a newborn on my hands. He is still trying to eat his hands...he is determined. And, it is official...our sleeping baby at church is no more. Church this next year will be interesting. He is still trying to roll from his back to tummy...gets to his side...still has some time. He still hasn't given us a full laugh yet...but gives lots of half laughs...he at least pities us for trying. He is still full of the cutest smiles...sweet boy. In love!

So, I am bracing myself for sleep training and a traveling husband...ugh...two of my least favorite things. Please be praying I can see through all of this and not get stuck in it. The reality is, it is such a short time...I know...but hearing a baby cry puts me on the brink of insanity. For reals. If the weather is nice, we'll just stay outside and Max can cry inside...sad. I am fairly certain that if I went back and read Sam's posts, I would be reading this same wah, wah, wah post about him not sleeping...cry me a river. It is time for me to put my big girl pants on and stop the complaining (Philippians 2:4...doesn't mention anything about my big girl pants, but it talks about complaining). Pulling the trigger...sleeping training, traveling husband, and big girl pants here we come!!!

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Amy Gerak said...

He is just so crazy cute when he smiles those smiles of his!! Will be praying for you and all you have going on this month, especially being alone! So hard to be a single mama, especially when you have little ones and a newborn. Love and prayers, Amy :)