Saturday, March 22, 2014

One of Those Weeks...

Maxime is eighteen weeks! As I say every week, it is hard to believe this little boy is eighteen little boy is eighteen weeks!  And, another weekend without Daddy...and another weekend of this Mama starting to lose a piece of her mind...for reals.  Of course, this would be the week that Maxime decides to no longer sleep through the night.  I totally set myself up for this...putting it on the blog that he was such a great sleeper and then with Jake being out of was like the perfect storm.  Ugh.  It has been a ROUGH week...and I am exhausted.  Max has been waking up constantly throughout the night. I have no idea what it could be and when you have a baby that has been sleeping through the night pretty much since birth, you start to drive yourself crazy wondering what the issue is!!! He has a bit of a cold and I have fully transitioned him to the crib (I figured why not when he is crying either way), could it be one of those reasons?  Could he be too hot or too cold?  Is he hungry?  Yep, driving myself totally crazy.  And, I have a REALLY hard time letting him is just so sad, but I starting down that path...we'll see how it goes.  The last thing this Mama needs is any more crazy in my life!

So, what did week eighteen bring for Max?  Well, clearly it brought lots of sleepless nights...sad...for both of us (but more for me since I don't take naps during the day (which is really sad - I think I really need to bring naps back into my daily docket) and I have to take care of lots of little boys).  It also brought the nighttime crib transition...the jury is still out on this one, but he isn't moving back to the rock and play...the fact is, he is too had to happen and it has happened.  But if I became a believer in anything, it was the rock and play made a believer out of me.  BUT, now we are past the rock and play sleeper and I am getting up all night with a baby...I am not feeding him, just giving him his pacifier.  However, we all know how old that game gets...we played it for a LONG time with Sam.  We'll see what happens.  The "cry it out" method just doesn't seem to work for our boys...or maybe it just doesn't work for me.  I know I just need to be consistent with it...just hard some nights.  Ok, moving on.  So, I cannot believe I forgot to mention last week (probably because I was drowning my poor me sorrows in a bottle of wine) that I got Max to giggle.  That is right - I (me, as in not Jake) got Max to giggle.  Sadly, no one else heard him...but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.  Anyway, I haven't really been working on the giggles this week...we are both too tired.  He has definitely been crankier this week due to the lack of sleep.  By the end of the night, he is all done with the day.  It is sad because he really is such a happy, little guy.  His naps are still hit or miss.  We are in this season of sleeplessness...I know from experience that it is a short season, so I embrace the bad sleeping habits...and hopefully, embrace it with a happy heart.  It is about time I start eating the words I serve to my boys every single day.  I am still throwing a swing nap in every now and then...I like to keep things spicy in the Saylor house. 

Max is starting to figure out that his hands and fingers can be used for more than just stuffing into his mouth (however, being able to fit your entire fist in your mouth is a skill...true dat)...seriously, he just sits there staring at his fingers while he moves them all around...I just love watching him.  I am trying to get him on his tummy a little more to get him to start reaching for things, but he really hates the tummy time.  All in good time.  Max survived some exciting outings this week..McD's and IKEA...yep, we are CRAZY wild over here in Switzerland.  He still absolutely adores his brothers...feelings are mutual.  So excited to see these relationships grow...and praying for more sweet moments as they get older versus wild dog fighting moments (we already have plenty of that in this house).  He had his four month appointment - he is wah, wah, wah centimeters (I am sorry, but the metric system is lost on me...sadly) and just a little over six kilograms (yep, doesn't mean a thing to me...and I haven't bothered to convert it yet).  All I know is that he is small...and that doesn't surprise me one bit.  We make small babies and Max was really small when he was born, so he is just sticking with small.  He is growing and doing well.  He will most likely be seeing an ENT doctor to check out his throat/coughing issues - the ENT doctor will decide if Max will need to be put under for further testing.  Jake will be all over this appointment.  We aren't in any hurry to do this - neither our pediatrician nor the ENT believe it is anything to be concerned about, but our pediatrician does think we should move forward with the ENT to make sure there are no issues with Max's vocal chords.  Yay!  I would love for the issue to just disappear, and I think in time it will.  Hard to believe this sweet baby who is super ticklish is four months old...I just want my little baby to be my baby forever!

Yes, it has been a rough week.  Between the single parent gig and the sleepless nights, I am ready for a myself!  I have reached my wall.  I knew I would reach it...ten days solo is my wall...and other times ten hours solo is my wall.  I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and I believe it...but sometimes, I just don't want to...I'm just being honest.  Yes, I want life to be easy and go my way...but I know the life I have is one the Lord wants me to have, and I know that He loves me so much.  So, tonight (on the eve of my husband returning,,,well, now I am into the day he is returning...why do I stay up so dang late when Jake is traveling...why, because I enjoy torturing myself!!!) I can rest in that sweet truth...praise God.  And, thank the good Lord that Daddy is coming home!!!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your visit next month! Hang in there. If there's one mom who knows about non- sleeping babies it is me and it can drive one crazy. I hope he won't have to fight infant ear infections like Landon did. That type of thing really won't let non- sleeping babies sleep at all.