Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Easter!


Happy week twenty-two and week twenty-three to Maxime! Yep, I skipped a week...vacation can do that to a person. And, lack of sleep can also do that to a person...I am definitely in the lack of sleep camp. Sadly, Max is still having some ROUGH nights. Oh, well. We'll survive...with a lot less sleep. At least Jake is completely back to normal now and we can really enjoy our vacation (at still not even think about the looming medical bills...ugh). We are having a lot of fun - the boys are loving all the family and friend time, and Hugh is all ready to marry his cousin, Evie, one day (we'll discuss the issues with that at a later date in time).  It is a total whirlwind and I wish I had so many more hours to see everyone...this is when it is hard living so far away, but I am really thankful for the time we have had.


So, what did week twenty-two and week twenty-three bring for Max? Max has had so many firsts...too many to mention. He celebrated his first Easter and he looked super'll just have to take my word for it because being the amazing mom that I am, I didn't get a single picture of him...terrible (I have been terrible at taking any pictures...definitely off my IG feed).  He had a great Easter, but was a total wreck by the end of the mess. It took him a long time to calm down after LOTS of was very sad.  (This Easter gave me flashbacks to last Easter...I was boozin' and having a good old time...two days later I found out I was pregnant with Max...memories...oh, the memories.  This year I could booze and had no after guilt whatsoever.)  According to Jake, Max is rolling from his back to his tummy (honestly, I don't believe Jake - I have never seen this happen...just sayin'.). He had his first bath (he always takes showers). He had a Gramma lay him down for the night (that has never happened...we don't get out a lot (as in never))...he punished me that night for leaving him and woke every hour on the hour (shoot me). He has been getting a lot more, that means I started pumping.

You know what, I don't miss pumping...not one bit. It has been fine (I only pump for about five to seven minutes...any longer than that and I would lose my mind) if anyone knows how to pump - it is this girl. I had the moment of panic when I determined that Max would prefer the bottle over breastfeeding...and then I relaxed and let it go. Whatever happens happens...and I am good with it. I have finally come to the terms that Max is a total snack feeder - he has his own preference on when he wants to eat, which is not when he first wakes up...he likes to eat more when he ready to, buh-bye Babywise...we tried and tried, but we are not a Babywise out of four, but at least we tried...A for effort.  I finally manned up and breastfed in public...only took five months to get there. I don't love breastfeeding in shows for me = breastfeeding feeling like it takes a million joke. I even got to breastfeed at McDonald's...I am a lucky girl. 

Max keeps getting little tastes of food we are eating...he just tries sucking on the food...trying to nurse anything he can find. If you hold Max in the nursing position, he will try to nurse...LOL funny when friends are holding him and he turns and starts licking their shirt. Classy. He is still trying to eat his hands...remember that being able to fit your entire fist in your mouth is a total gift...for reals.  We are still jacking up his schedule, but he is managing (or not managing with the punishing he gives me at night since he doesn't sleep)...he is still always happy for the most part. He enjoyed a trip to Flagstaff, but his carseat tolerance is about two hours...should make for some fun summer road trips.  He still has lots of giggles and always has lots to say. Our friends and family are falling for this sweet baby is easy to do...Max is such a sweet baby!


We are loving our AZ time...honestly, the trip can be a little stressful at is stress I put on myself. We built our lives in AZ, so there are lots of people to see. There is not enough time to make everything happen, which is sad. We also know we won't be back for a while, which makes it all hard as well. It is also hard to live out of suitcases for weeks on end...especially for someone with my OCD tendencies. Our families have been very gracious to put up with our messes - it isn't easy having a family of six invade your space.  Hard to believe that I looked forward to this trip for so long and now it will be over in a matter of days.  I can't start dwelling on leaving purpose in that when we still have a few more days.  Honestly, I love what we have in Switzerland, but I will miss family and friends terribly...just hard to see life go by and realize that you can't be a part of the day to day...I miss that...I wish I could have it all.  Well, here is to enjoying our last few days stateside!!!

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Amy Gerak said...

Soo grateful for the time we got to see you all; I was one of those falling for Max and all of them!! Will never forget Judah's awesome prayer, Hugh intently/seriously driving, and Sam's crazy ability to drive a gator! Love you guys, Amy :)