Thursday, April 17, 2014

World Traveler!

Twenty-one weeks and USA living for Maxime!!! Yep, we arrived...and it started out rough. Jake started the visit with a stay in the hospital with a terrible case of facial cellulitis. It was horrible. Thankfully, he was released on Saturday after we arrived and is slowly recovering. I felt terrible for him and I am super glad he is feeling better! Of course, something like this would happen to us while on vacation. Right now, I just want Jake to feel 100% better...I'll worry about the nightmare of everything later...because there will be a serious nightmare we'll have to deal with later. However, I really don't want this whole ordeal to be a dark cloud over our stay. I really want to enjoy our time here in spite of how the trip started. This is Max's first trip to America, we need to live it up! It is a little surreal to believe we are actually here...all the waiting and now we are here. It has been fun seeing lots of family and friends, and for everyone to meet Max. Praying for the rest of the trip to be fun, but to be a heck of a lot less eventful than our first few days...and no more hospital stays...we'll go bankrupt!

So, what did week twenty-one bring for Max? Well, it brought Daddy back (he didn't come back healthy, but at least he came back) which was great...this Mama was all done. So thankful to have Daddy back!!!  Obviously, the biggest highlight of this week was coming to America! This little boy is enjoying some time in his country of nationality!!! The flight was long, but Max did great. I just had to realize that I would be sitting there like a cow ready to nurse at a moment's notice...that was super know, since I love nursing so much. I am fairly certain there were several people on our flight who got a little show of my little ladies peeping out...oh, well. Max slept off and on - it is hard to get comfortable...I get that, it is a really long day of travel. But, (I have to remind myself) that is all it is - one day...not the whole vacation, so you buck up and embrace it.  Sadly, he has had a bit of a rough transition since being in Phoenix...can't quite get his internal clock set right just yet. So, that makes me tired...real, real tired. I get it though...this travel gig isn't easy...especially for a baby! Although he isn't getting great sleep, he is still such a sweet boy. He is so easy going and will let anyone hold him...he just wants some love. We have learned though that Max appreciates a schedule. I am not a live and die by a schedule kind of mom; however, I am home...A LOT, so we don't really ever deviate from his schedule except on Sundays for church.  So, maybe I should be trying to spice life up a little more for him with jacking up his schedule.  He has been eating better, which is great. Like his brothers, I cannot force him to eat - once I truly understand that, it will be better for us all. Before we came here, he had been sleeping well...guess we'll just be throwing all of that out the window.

He is still not rolling...yep, we got some work to do. He seems strong enough to sit up, but has no balance...too many things to work on...can't handle it. He is giggling sweet. He is quite the talker as well. He is still in the Woombie...Jake is certain we cut this out now...not there yet. He moves himself all over the crib...guess I should take out the pillows and blankets now.  He officially knows what it feels like to is warm in Phoenix...I am trying not to be overly dramatic about the heat, but I am being overly dramatic about it...can't help myself. We still haven't started any foods with him, but he is getting some tastes (thank you Aunt Melissa for the donuts).  Jake is very ready to start Max on some solid foods...and when Jake stays home with Max and is needed every minute of the day, he can start those solid foods that provide zero nutritional value to Max.  Yep, over solid foods...yes, I know I will have to feed this baby real food very soon and I am sure it seems crazy that something like this seems like such a big deal, but it is the little things that can put me over the edge...this would put me over the edge...for reals.  However, I am sure we'll keep giving him some tastes until I am ready to commit.  So far, he is enjoying his is great to be "home" (at least home for me...for Max, this isn't home).


It is great to be back in Arizona.  I am tired, like stupid tired...I feel like I have been in this state for too long.  Honestly, I don't know if I will ever get out of this state at times.  It is my season...a sleepless season.  I resigned myself to the fact that this is not going to be a restful vacation...not at all.  So, I can choose my attitude...just like with everything else in life.  Things don't always go as I planned...I can choose to be pissed, or I can choose to embrace it with a joyful heart.  I am really praying that I choose to have a joyful heart.  I'll need some serious caffeine...bring it!  Time to enjoy some USA living!

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Amy Gerak said...

So glad you are here!!!! Baby Max is so sweet. Love his smile. Feel you on the solids stuff-- one more thing can put Mamas over the edge unless they are ready! "For reals!" Love you, Amy :)