Thursday, May 8, 2014

And, We're Back!!!

(I had the best intentions of getting back to normal blogging once we returned home. I even wrote the majority of this blog on the flight home. And then, life happened...and non-sleeping children happened. Such is life. And, I'll get back to taking pictures of this sweet boy.)

Back to blogging in week twenty-four for Max! Nothing like getting back into a routine after being gone three weeks! It is hard to believe that our US trip is much time planning...and spending a ridiculous amount of money buying goods online...and it is over. However, we are back now and we survived the long journey home!!! The return flight felt a lot shorter, which was nice. It was also nice to have a healthy Jake versus a sick Jake (I didn't have to curse him in my head this time around...I am such a terrible wife.).  Fairly certain I am sold on British Airways - the people are nicer, the food is better, and you get a little (probably barely measurable) more legroom. However, what I love is that they are family friendly. United was a bunch of kid haters, but BA allowed for early boarding and we had a bassinet seat for Max (awesome...made my life so much easier!). Anyway, overall it was a good experience...and, free liquor...yep, totally sold. And, we are Switzerland. I think it is setting in more this time that we really live in Europe than it did when we first came over almost nine months ago. I think it is because we don't have immediate plans to return to the US any time soon. It is all a little surreal. Ok, this blog is about Max...not about all my emotional issues. Max enjoyed his last week in Phoenix...lots of family and friend love. This baby boy is all smiles - seriously, so sweet. He also did great on the flight and I didn't feel like I was constantly nursing, which was fantastic. Seriously, the bassinet seat was ah-mazing. And, I was smart enough to bring a bottle for him as well this time around...good idea for sure. I, of course, got no sleep - I am super paranoid of a kid crying, I don't all. Oh, well. I am thankful the boys slept. Overall, we survived!


So, what did week twenty-four bring for Max? Well, the biggest event was returning home to Switzerland and finishing our stay in Phoenix...and we are hopeful he'll return to sleeping! Of course, he actually started sleeping through the night again the last couple of nights we were in town...only took nineteen days! I hope it doesn't take another three weeks for Max to start sleeping through the night again! I saw Max roll over, so I guess it is real now...however, still not on a totally flat surface, so I still have my doubts. He seems to be back to nursing normal, but still on his time schedule, which is fine. I should be thankful he takes a bottle so easily versus freaking out about it...I am so crazy. I left my Boppy pillow behind in Phoenix...that is a big deal, but it was time. I stopped using the pillow, but it was a faithful friend for a solid five months. I know that not relying on the pillow will actually make my nursing life easier, but it still was a friend. He is definitely a baby that likes to do nothing...fine by me. Honestly, he seems to have no interest in doing anything. Not sure if I should be concerned or count my blessings.

He definitely knows how to smile and giggle - Daddy can really get him going (no surprise there...just a matter of time before he is Team Jake). He is super ticklish, loves to chat, and really does have a smile for every person he meets. He continued with his flex schedule this last week and I am sure putting him back on a normal schedule will rock his world. We shall see. (I actually already know how it is going, but I wasn't going to skip another week. I would be a terrible mother.) He is still getting tastes of food and I am realizing that I will have to start feeding him real food. Ugh. I am super dramatic. Hard to believe this baby boy is just shy of six months...and a big chapter of my life is slowly coming to a a foreign land...yep, I am super dramatic.


We had a great time in Arizona. It went by way too fast. It didn't always feel like a vacation, but we always had a good time in spite of the sleepless nights. I am so thankful we were able to bring Max "home". It was so great spending so much time with our amazing family and friends. We are so thankful for every one of them. So, now it is back to life in Switzerland...back to French, grocery stores closing before the sun goes down, and food costs that can bankrupt a person. No more Walmart and having everything at my fingertips. We did miss Switzerland while we were gone - the cooler weather is nice and the views cannot be beat. It isn't always easy, but this is home. So, no more ordering ridiculous things online and making a stockpile of goods at my parents house...I live in Switzerland...truth...time to embrace it.

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Amy Gerak said...

Soo good to be home, dear cousin,and that you can feel at home there-- praises for His working. And, maybe God is allowing your heart to grow big enough to be at home in many places. Continue to love the pics!!!