Saturday, May 17, 2014

Big Boy!


Twenty-six weeks and six months for sweet Maxime!!!  Hard to believe it has already been half a year.  I know, I know...I say that every week, but six months is a big deal.  As I packed up another container of clothes and put the baby swing away, it all hits me that I will never have a six month old baby again.  That is a big reality for that I am ready for, but still makes the tears fall.  I have been in this season for a long time and it just feels so weird to really put things away for good...sweet, little clothes that I remember getting with Hugh and now there will be no more little Saylor boys to wear them.  Yes, I am super hormones are still crazy.  I am in love with this sweet baby in love.  I am so thankful for the last six months...I am sure the next six months will fly by just as fast...sad.  And, I will still be super hormonal...because let's be honest, that will never end...crazy yesterday, crazy today, crazy tomorrow.

So, what did week twenty-six bring for Maxime?  We visited the doctor for his big six month appointment.  Everything is so different, no shots, which was nice.  Max is getting big...really jumped up on the growth chart. He now weighs 7.6kg (50%) and is 76cm (50%) and his head is just BIG (97%).  I discussed my concerns regarding Max with his doctor (who I love by the way - we attend church with her and she is a friend)...he doesn't reach for anything.  So, she spent some time with him to see if I was just being crazy...and she tells me, "He is just slow."  (The Swiss German in her makes her very direct...awesome.)  And then, she tells me that she knows he is a fourth baby (she has four kids as well)...his tracking is unbelievable (he follows every move that everyone is making), BUT she can tell he isn't getting a lot of focused playtime.  What I love about our doctor is, she gets it - no judgement.  Max gets lots of time with me, but playtime with me?  Not really.  And, we didn't have a good playmat this time around and it shows...he isn't use to grabbing for things.  The good thing is he sees the objects and knows the objects are there (he gets excited), but he is still unsure of what to, we are all really making an effort to have really focused play with him throughout the day - more than just holding and feeding.  I can already see him getting better, but we definitely have some work to do.  So, we'll really work with him and hopefully, he'll be all set. 

He also doesn't really roll, but he will roll to his side and our doctor said that is good enough and we shouldn't be concerned with that at all.  I am a terrible mother...ugh.  She was impressed with how strong he is - he is getting closer to sitting up...just needs some more balance.  It is a good thing we aren't having any more kids...clearly, I get worse and worse with each one...sigh.  Max has started to extend his wake time...I am still trying to find his sweet spot...not quite two hours.  I am always on the elusive quest for the perfect schedule...which is never going to happen.  His naps seem a little better this week, but still a little hit or miss.  He becomes a bit of a hot mess in the late afternoons - he NEEDS a third nap, but at the time (the "witching" hour) he needs a third nap, I also have to make dinner and care for three other crazy, adding nursing a baby to sleep during that time doesn't always work out and by the time I get to it, he is a super hot mess and it doesn't work out for a nap...ugh.  So, I think we are starting to transition to an earlier bedtime, which means earlier mornings, but it is after seven so no complaints.  We are still dream feeding him - don't dare mess with night sleep.  And, he is still in the Woombie...didn't even try to mess with that this week.  Just keep those sleep crutches coming...and yep, still nursing him to sleep (I'll be teaching classes on Babywise very soon.).  So, I thought about giving Max "real" food this is the thought that counts right?!?  Honestly, I don't think he is developmentally ready yet - I would like to see him sitting better and bringing more things to his mouth.  I am sure we could start purees and he would be fine...and then I would lose my mind.  I am into the baby-led weaning...honestly, I think it is fantastic...and I don't want to go back to purees.  Yes, I am sure laziness has something to do with all of this as well, but I really want to make sure he is ready...leave the gagging to a minimum.  He is still super smiley with lots of giggles.  I love the time I have with him nursing (not all the time, but some of the time) and rocking with him - nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.  He is such a sweet, so blessed!!!  Love this little boy!!!

So, I really need to step up my game with this parenting gig this week...for reals.  I just always feel like there is so much going on around me and I don't think social media helps me one bit.  Sometimes, I think maybe I should take a break from social media (I don't have the issues with comparing or anything like that...just distracted...I am so distracted all the to-do list is always constantly running in my head and there is NEVER enough time...I just wish I could stop the distractions...oh, look, there's a squirrel...moving on)...but taking a break from social media feels like a eating paleo...and fads aren't my thing (stop judging me for the Toms I wear...they really are comfortable)...see, super distracted!  Anyway, I need to step up my game.  I love being a my game just needs to show that!

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Amy Gerak said...

Laughed through so much and smiled at all the rest! Love that last pic of you and him-- soo awesome!!! Love and miss you all much, Amy :)) P.S. I am so out of baby culture now that I don't even know what a woombie is?? You'll have to explain it to me at some point-- with all the extra time I know you have!! (haha)