Monday, May 26, 2014

Sweet Baby!!!

Sweet baby Max is twenty-seven weeks! My little baby is getting so big. Too big! Hard to believe. I do love how he clings to me like a little monkey. My fourth little monkey with his big brown eyes. Oh, he is a sweet one - he always puts a smile on my face. I love my boys!!!


So, what did week twenty-seven bring for Maxime? He saw the ENT and received a clean bill of health (they assume his chronic cough is due to an underdeveloped larynx, which he'll grow out in time - we should only be concerned if he gets a respiratory infection or starts losing, no worries). There may have been some tears shed at the appointment...from me...I had a horrible time figuring out parking (not a big shock)...driving around and around and around (you get it)...awful. I HATE driving in Lausanne (and Jake was supposed to do this appointment, which obviously didn't happen)...let's just say I have had finer moments. Max was a champ at the least one of us wasn't crying. He is such a chill baby. We started on the food journey with Max this week...yep, I finally caved. He has only had a few experiences thus far...not super into it (he has his gag reflex down perfectly), but I know it is all about perseverance...more for me than for him. It is also about remembering to feed another child in the day (that is a struggle for me). As I've said before, Max doesn't really reach for things which makes grabbing food on his tray a little difficult - he needs to reach for the food...we'll keep working on it. He is getting better with reaching things - we'll just keep working on that as well. He just doesn't seem interested in it all that much. I look forward to him sitting up - I think it will open a whole new world for him, which will be fun for him (or at least I hope it will be).

He still needs a lot more balance and a lot more core strength in order to make the whole sitting up thing work out. We gots some work to do...and we do work on it. We also put him in a walker - he does like to stand so that is a winner for him. However, he tends to just push himself into a corner and nobody puts baby in a corner (unless baby puts himself in a corner). He seems to be over his pacifier, but I'll keep working on that one. He still eats to sleep, but will also go to sleep without having to eat which is great...but I do love to feed him and rock him...sweet baby. He has been waking up early, but he is happy to chat and will also just fall back asleep. He likes to make my life easy...finally someone who is looking out for me! We tried to break him out of the Woombie again this week and that was a total disaster. I have created a total swaddle monster...ugh. But I also want sleep...and he sleeps so well in the the swaddle really that bad?!? Ask me when he is two and I am still wrapping him up like a mummy. Oh well, we'll try again...but not anytime least not in my book. He seems to be napping better this week, which is great - he definitely prefers his morning nap over his afternoon nap. He still REALLY needs a later nap in the day, but it normally doesn't happen - we just don't have that great of a schedule. So, by the end of the day he is all done. I know in the next couple of months this will pass...just trying to figure it all out. Max is such a sweet boy - smiles for everyone and lots of snuggles. So, so blessed to have this boy as part of our tribe!!!

So, another week down - this year is going to fly by. Hard to believe we have already lived here over nine months. I still feel like I have been in a bit of a fog lately - I am ready for summer. Just tired of the schedule. I also need to force myself to get out this summer...just going to do it. I know I can - sometimes, I just want it all to be easy...which makes me a bit of a recluse (I am becoming Jake). So, I am going to push myself this summer - I also need to learn French...for reals. I just wish there were more hours in the day. So, here is to getting out my steps.

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Amy Gerak said...

Always love your blogs and pics; love his sleeping pics so much-- so cute!! He is soo chill, too-- love all the amazing personalities God gives. Need the chill ones, for sure! Miss you much! :)