Monday, June 30, 2014

Just A Season...


Maxie is thirty-two weeks! Oh, my...twenty weeks to go and my little baby will be a year old. I have a hard time believing it and then I realize we are already half way through 2014 and that is so crazy!!! Seriously, time goes by so fast (except between the hours of four and six every evening because time actually stands still during that' actually stops...I don't know how it happens, but it does). I have enjoyed these last thirty-two weeks so much. I would give anything to stay in these sweet moments (only the sweet moments) for just a little longer...these babies most definitely don't keep and it breaks my heart. Every stage has it rewards and challenges, but there is something unique about the baby stage...the innocence of it all. Yes, I know Max is a sinner and he manipulates me at times, but there is still a sweetness to it...clearly, I am blinded by the incredible deliciousness of this boy...he'll get away with everything! Maxime...stay a baby forever...please!!!

 So, what did week thirty-two bring for Max? Well, Maxie still likes it...and it refers to any food you put in his mouth (because he won't do it himself)...seriously. He makes us laugh because he eats everything with a smile and while he is eating he does this highchair dance where he bobs his head back and forth. It is his happy food dance (and I am desperately trying to get it on camera, but he stops as soon as he sees my phone). I love that he is so happy with eating...just like his Mama. Honestly, we give him too much junk...cake, cookies, ice cream...we are awesome parents. He is also drinking water with a straw cup...this is a BIG deal for is straw cups only until twelve months plus...and this baby already has it down with no practice at all! He is amazing! He is still not fond of his nighttime bottle (which is due to the formula brand here)...I have been skipping the dream feed some nights because he just isn't into it. He still falls asleep on his own most nights, but sleeps while he is nursing...then always wakes up right before I lay him down...I think it is because he just wants to see me one last time before he goes to sleep...I make his dreams sweeter. His naps have been tougher this week...too short, which makes for some LONG afternoons. Not sure what the deal is, but it is just a season and we'll all least he is sleeping at night. He is still in the Woombie...I know, I know...this week for sure. I think he is ready to break free.

He is starting to roll more...when he feels like it, and I am good with that. We are still working on the sitting and I am done comparing him to the other boys...he'll sit when he is good and ready. He is definitely starting to get bored with the same routines and he is not afraid to let you know. We should probably retire the bouncer seat now...since it practically touches the floor when he is in it...he is a big boy. He still doesn't seem to have a lot of interest in his paci - surprises me...I really thought he would be a paci baby (he does like to pop it out and play with it) worries, Sam will have his pacifier until he is twelve...we don't need another paci kid in this house I guess. Max is still super ticklish and always has lots of smiles and laughs to give away.  He definitely babbles during the day, but only gets really loud when he is tired. He absolutely adores his brothers and the feelings are mutual...and I love it! He loves to pull hair...pretty much pull on anything...he is always holding onto my shirt or necklace. He is still giving me lots of kisses and actually grabs my face to kiss my heart. He gnaws on his hands constantly. Still no teeth and not sure when they'll be coming...but they're coming. Max has his moments, but he is still the sweetest, little, love, love him!!!

Last week of school...yay! I am ALL DONE with the school routine and even though it is crazy, I really do love having all four of my monkeys at home...ask me in a couple of weeks and we'll see how I really feel. I am praying I have a good attitude...I can get buried in the mundane tasks and miss the big picture...and I can do all of that with a really bad attitude...awesome. So, I am praying this summer is epic...legen "wait for it" dary...with a good attitude to boot!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Loving it!

Max is thirty-one weeks! My little boy...thirty-one weeks, so hard to believe! These weeks seriously fly by...hard to catch my breath at times. Max is doing great. I know I say it every week, but this baby is so sweet. He always goes with the flow and rarely complains (definitely complains a whole lot less than the rest of the members in the Saylor household). Every week I see him finding his voice a little more and see his personality shaping a little more, but he does seem to continue to be laid back, which is what this Mama needs! Watch, once he gets mobile, he'll be super crazy! And, that would be ok...we all know I need a little more crazy in my life...right?!? Max is just sweet...his big smiles and peaceful disposition just melt my heart. Oh, so smitten with this sweet boy!

So, what did week thirty-one bring for Max? He is still eating everything we give him...we say, "Look, Maxie likes it."...and he likes everything. It is rare that he'll spit anything out. Of course, I am sure I am breaking all the baby food rules...we just give him whatever we are eating...salt and all! How shameful! Fourth child...what can I say. So, he is eating whatever we give him...BUT he still won't feed himself. I am sure he is thinking, "Hey, Stupid. (think of the honey badger) Why feed myself when you'll do it for me?" Truth. We'll keep working on it. I am thankful he is willing to try all sorts of food. The only thing he has spit out was egg, which I am sure I am not supposed to give him anyway! Apple sauce is definitely his favorite - no surprise there, it is really sweet.   He did enjoy some McD's french fries as well this week (yep, I am an amazing mom!).  He also got to enjoy some Swiss sausages at our village marche as well. 


He has been sitting up for a few minutes at a time before he falls over. He likes sitting up and I would guess we are about two weeks long as I commit to work on it everyday and I am committed! I really want him to sit-up. It will be so much more fun for him...he just needs to trust me. He still really doesn't roll much, but he will...when he feels like it. My gut tells me is that Max is going to be slow on getting mobile...I am ok with that. He is starting to move around more and he flips himself all around in his crib. He is getting better at reaching for things and now will start grabbing at whatever we have in our hands (and why did I wish for this?!?). He is still super ticklish and loves to be heard. He does this seal barking thing that always makes us laugh...he is a silly baby. He is still nursing well, but hating the cover. I rarely feed him outside the house, but I when I do, I am very un-Euro and I use a nursing cover...Max is not a fan, which I get - it is hot under the cover, but we need the cover...I am an ugly nurser for sure. His naps are still hit or miss - his morning nap is always better than his afternoon nap (he has this internal clock that will not let him sleep past four in the matter what time he goes down for his afternoon nap...ugh) and we gave up trying to figure out a third nap during the day so he just goes to bed earlier because he does become ALL done with his day towards the evening.  We still have our fun laying around in bed...tickling and playing...I love this special time with him.  He loves to give big, open mouthed kisses...he thinks it is so fun to just sit with me and give me kiss after kiss...I love it too.  I just keep saying "kiss" and he keeps giving them to me...melt my heart.  Love this boy!!!  What an absolute sweetheart this baby blessed! (and we would be so blessed even if he wasn't a total sweetheart!)


I know I said it before, but I am loving our summer days here (I know I won't say that after many days of eighty degree temps and no AC, but for now...I am enjoying it all).  I really want to push myself to get out more this summer.  The public pools are a big deal here, but the thought of taking all four boys (that pretty much just know how to drown) makes me nervous.  I know I will do it, but it stresses me out.  I feel like a child here a lot of the time...not knowing the language is so hard at, staying home and being comfortable just makes more sense to me.  BUT we will all go crazy if we don't get out this summer...for sure.  And, it is nice that Max is willing to be flexible, so I am looking forward to school being out (less than two weeks to go!!!) and just having a lazy summer (as lazy as you can with four boys!!!).  I am thankful for this season of isn't easy, but it is a blessing!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

So Big!

Maxime is thirty weeks and seven months! No way is my little baby seven months old! But, alas...he really is seven months old and he won't be my little baby for too much longer. This week started off a little rough...some sleepless nights, and I thought it was going to be a BRUTAL week, BUT I should know better...Maxime likes to make my life easy (at least someone in this house does)...sweet baby. He did have a couple rough nights, but that was it. I do think he is teething and I am sure there will be more rough nights to come, but this week...not so bad. Honestly, it is part of the package of being a parent...there will be rough nights...hard seasons...teething...and with four boys, there is a lot of teeth! But we are so thankful for all those teeth!

So, what did week thirty bring for Max? Well, no teeth, but that doesn't surprise me. He had some crankiness, but overall has been a fairly happy guy. He is waking up again at night, but we are still dream feeding him, it all works out. We finally ran out of our US Similac formula, so we are buying the Swiss deal now. Well, I have learned that starting Max on Similac (the Cadillac version of formula...only the best for our babies) and then switching was probably not my best idea. Hindsight is always 20/20 and doesn't help me now.  So, it has been a bit of a rough go transitioning to the Swiss (not everything is better in Switzerland according to Max) brand...but he will drink it...if he is sleeping. If he is awake and I give it to him, he will smile and spit it back at me. We will make it work...we have to. He has been eating more food and I have a feeling he would love himself some purees and would have been a fantastic baby food eater (of course that would be the case on my last baby!), but I am not going down that road. So, we'll keep having him try things and be patient with him feeding himself - he just struggles with grabbing the food and getting it to his mouth. I remind myself that he is still little and I need to be patient. So, I'll be patient. He does like food...he does have those Johnson genes after all. I just look forward to the day he can really enjoy it himself.

He definitely knows the feeling of being hot and sticky - it is hot and humid here, thankfully it doesn't last for days on end...but it is still hot and no AC...ugh. So, Max spends most days in just a t-shirt and diaper...really trying to bring the Swiss down to our level. He's so fancy. He also got his first sunburn...terrible mother and poor baby, but he is a trooper.  He has started grabbing for things when we hold him now - like plates, cups, know, all the fun, breakable stuff. Now we are ready for some fun. He can be super loud and gets really loud when you are trying to speak with someone and he believes you should be paying attention to him. He is figuring out how to survive being the baby of the family. It makes me laugh. He still isn't sitting, but seems like he is getting closer...we'll keep working on it. He LOVES it when his brothers will play with him, and I am very thankful for the three older boys who can be so sweet with Max. It takes a village to raise a child and I have a village. Now, Max can also scream when his brothers get a little too close, because sometimes (like eighty percent of the time) his big brothers are super crazy.  He is enjoying his cool mornings hanging outside with the big boys...the mornings here are so nice.  Maxie is still such a sweet, laid back little guy...he has smiles for, love, love this sweet baby boy!!!

So, we are enjoying summer here...the way summer should be enjoyed...playing outside, climbing trees, eating fresh fruit from the trees, playing with water...just enjoying the outside.  Being raised in Arizona most of my life, it was hard to enjoy summer unless you were in the pool.  It is different here, and I like it.  Don't get me wrong...some days are so dang hot and I LONG for the days of AC, but for the most part it isn't too bad (ask me again in August and we'll see how I feel).  I love having this for our boys...such great memories to be made.  It is crazy to think that Max will be in the swing of things with the big boys next year rather than watching like a spectator from my lap.  Hard to believe that Jake has almost been in Switzerland for a year.  Time really does fly is to wishing for a fun (drama free summer)!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy Birthday, Judah Bear!!!

Ok, so Judah actually turned three back in August...and I am finally getting around to a birthday post...worst mother ever.  However, I did do the interview way back when...that has to count for something.  Judah is funny, cuddly, smart, impulsive, a great brother, and an incredible friend (seriously, this kid makes friends everywhere he goes).  He makes us laugh (and pull our hair out) and he gives the best big squeezes.  He ALWAYS has something to say and our world is brighter because Judah is in it!  Love this sweet boy!  And now, the interview with a three year-old...

What is your name? Judah
How old are you? Three (holding up five fingers)
What is your favorite thing to do? Ride trains (Hugh prompted him on this...Judah was just waking up from his nap...not the happiest of campers)
What is your favorite color? Red
What is your favorite food? Pizza
What do you like to do with your family? Ride trains
What is your favorite toy? Double decker train (noticing a pattern?)
What do you want to be when you grow up? Drive a double decker train.
What makes you happy? Trains (obsessive much...yep, I think so)
What makes you sad? Turning off the iPad
What is your favorite show to watch? Wreck it Ralph
What is your favorite book? Terrific Trains
What do you love to learn about? Nothing (we gots some work to do)
What was the best part of your birthday? Going to the park.
Where do like to go? To ride trains
Who was your teacher? Mama
What is your favorite treat? Suckers
What do you dream about? Trains ( loves himself some trains)
If you could meet someone famous who would it be? I don't know.
What was your favorite birthday present? Legos

Love this boy!  Cannot believe he will be four in less than three months!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Love this Boy!!!


 Twenty-nine weeks for little Maxime! My little baby will be seven months old next week. It has been such a wonderful blessing having Maxime in our family. I cannot imagine him not a part of it. He fits so perfectly and I thank God everyday for this sweet baby.

So, what did week twenty-nine bring for Maxime? It brought a love of food...well, fruit mostly...BUT he still has lots of struggles trying to enjoy that food on his own...ugh. So, he definitely gets a lot more food when Daddy is around. Maxie definitely loves cherries (fresh from our yard...awesome...I make myself sick on those bad boys and I didn't even think I liked cherries!) and strawberries (and I am going to jump on the Jake bandwagon and agree that the strawberries here are amazing...maybe I will start buying organic if we move back to Phoenix?!?). So, I am hoping he starts feeding himself more - the perks of baby-led weaning is the child feeding himself (this is clearly not happening, but I will say Max has gotten a little better...he just needs more time) is very messy, but I can handle the mess (my life is always a mess). So, we'll just keep pushing the food (well, as many times as I can remember during the week...which is easier said than done). He is still mostly breastfeeding, but he is wild sometimes - gone are the days of him just sitting and eating happily. He is still not sitting up...insert sad face here (for reals), we'll just add it to the list of things to work on. I think he is getting better with grabbing at things, but is definitely not the baby that is trying to get up all in your business. He is very content to just sit in your lap and watch the world around him. I love that about him. He does let you know when he is tired of being that content baby, but then he is content to stand. We are spending more time outside and in the stroller - he loves to be out. I just always need to remind myself to throw Maxime into the mix with everything...and to just relax. He will always go with the flow and naps can be skipped (ahh!) or pushed back (and you know what, the world will not end).


I see Max falling more and more for Daddy each week (sigh) day I'll be more fun (or one day the boys will realize that cleaning really is super fun!). He has had a couple rough nights of sleep this last week (which means we all suffer, but I really don't mind feeding him - it is quick and he really is so sweet...but I would prefer an uninterrupted night of sleep)...and I am going to say it...teething. And yes, I know the teeth won't actually come for a couple of months, but I swear he is teething. He is seriously trying to eat his hand right off. Looks like it is time for some essential know they got an oil for that! He has started scooting a little bit...on his belly, backwards...good luck with that my friend. I am ready for a sitting baby...I am NOT ready for a mobile baby...not even a little bit.  He is still in the Woombie, but I think I'll try a breakout again this is getting warm (no AC - that is a first for me) and he seems like he may want to roll and I panic with the thought of him being in the Woombie and rolling over (which he rarely rolls, but I know he can do it). We'll see how it goes - he is such a swaddle baby. He is still falling asleep on his own and he loves the little light show thing he has in his room...sweet baby. Max is still smiles and loving looks (most of the time) - he really is the sweetest thing ever and I just wish everyone had a little Max in their lives.


My, oh my these weeks fly by! It is impossible to keep up with everything, and I know my husband and boys need keeping up with first. Again, easier said than done. I am definitely feeling the burden of my boys knowing Jesus and I am so thankful that it is HIS grace that saves and not my faithfulness (because let's be is a lot of unfaithfulness most days). I pray my boys see Jesus lived out in us and they realize it is the only thing they need. It is hard in a world that is pushing everything but Jesus...breaks my heart. Lord, show your sweet grace to my sweet boys...and please, please, please show Your grace to me!

Monday, June 2, 2014

More of the Same


Twenty-eight weeks for Maxime!!! This little boy is twenty-eight weeks! What?!? He is super fun, super cute...and getting super big...all too quickly! I know this summer will go by fast and he'll be almost one and then baby is gone (ok, not really because I will always have my baby). All part of life - this growing-up gig...some days I feel like it can't happen fast enough, but most days I just want it to slow down. Such a sweet and crazy time...these "little" years!

So, what did week twenty-eight bring for Maxime? Well, it brought more exposure to new foods...he is willing to try things (not sure how much actually goes down), but he won't really grab for it and do it on his own. I am committed to putting him in the high chair once a day to see if he wants to eat (that is about as much of a commitment I can do right now). I am in no rush...Jake, on the other hand, is another story! Max started "biting" (he still doesn't have teeth) me while nursing (teeth or no frickin' hurts!)...I flick his cheek and he just smiles at me...oh, well. He is still nursing great (still gets a night time bottle to help with night time sleep) and I am not losing my, we'll keep the relationship going. He isn't terribly distracted while nursing, which is great (he has been use to sound of my shows since birth), but he does like to move ALL around while eating and sometimes that just doesn't work out for me...not one little bit. He seems to have bad allergies (thank you, Daddy) and has been a bit of a faucet lately...poor buddy. And, he just LOVES when you wipe his nose (right). Everything is in bloom here, so hopefully his allergies will taper off soon. He is drooling a ton and likes to bite everything (case in point, my poor ladies), but I still know teeth are a ways out...he doesn't seem like he is in any pain.

He still isn't sitting up and I really wish he would be a whole new world for him...we are both ready for this world. I work on it with him, but he just doesn't seem interested. All in due time, I guess. He still loves to stand and is diggin' just standing in his walker (there would be no walking in that walker...unless Sam or Judah hop in...there there is lots of walking going on). I am seeing him wanting to be held a bit more...hmmm...we'll see about that. We still haven't worked out a decent schedule since he doesn't have a set time he wakes in the morning and I am not crazy about a schedule so I rarely wake him up in the morning unless we need to be somewhere. So, he will sometimes wake at seven (if he wakes before seven, I will feed him and lay him back down...nothing good happens before seven in this house) or nine...just depends on the day. I still dreamfeed him - maybe need to cut that out...I swear every time I am thinking about cutting it out, he senses it and wakes up. And we are definitely not thinking about cutting out the Woombie since we keep failing miserably on that one. He is still coughing a lot and sounds like a barking seal (it entertains him - he does it on purpose), but it is his thing and we are cool with it. We are moving him up to size three diapers - big boy! This baby is all smiles and giggles...seriously. He goes with the flow almost all the time and rarely complains. He is such a sweetheart! So in love with this sweet boy!

Hard to believe this little boy will be seven months in less than two weeks. And, even harder to believe is that we put our five year-old on a bus this morning for his first school trip!!! Yes, they do school trips here at four and five years-old...what in the world?!? Learning to take a deep (very deep) breath and trust in God...praying for our sweet boy...and his teachers (bless their hearts...twenty kids six and thank you). I was in such a  different place five years all goes by so fast and I know this. I am enjoying my time with Max...I am in no rush. I love just laying with him in my bed - cuddling and giggling with him - he gets the biggest smiles. Oh, so in love. Love this baby to pieces!!!