Monday, June 30, 2014

Just A Season...


Maxie is thirty-two weeks! Oh, my...twenty weeks to go and my little baby will be a year old. I have a hard time believing it and then I realize we are already half way through 2014 and that is so crazy!!! Seriously, time goes by so fast (except between the hours of four and six every evening because time actually stands still during that' actually stops...I don't know how it happens, but it does). I have enjoyed these last thirty-two weeks so much. I would give anything to stay in these sweet moments (only the sweet moments) for just a little longer...these babies most definitely don't keep and it breaks my heart. Every stage has it rewards and challenges, but there is something unique about the baby stage...the innocence of it all. Yes, I know Max is a sinner and he manipulates me at times, but there is still a sweetness to it...clearly, I am blinded by the incredible deliciousness of this boy...he'll get away with everything! Maxime...stay a baby forever...please!!!

 So, what did week thirty-two bring for Max? Well, Maxie still likes it...and it refers to any food you put in his mouth (because he won't do it himself)...seriously. He makes us laugh because he eats everything with a smile and while he is eating he does this highchair dance where he bobs his head back and forth. It is his happy food dance (and I am desperately trying to get it on camera, but he stops as soon as he sees my phone). I love that he is so happy with eating...just like his Mama. Honestly, we give him too much junk...cake, cookies, ice cream...we are awesome parents. He is also drinking water with a straw cup...this is a BIG deal for is straw cups only until twelve months plus...and this baby already has it down with no practice at all! He is amazing! He is still not fond of his nighttime bottle (which is due to the formula brand here)...I have been skipping the dream feed some nights because he just isn't into it. He still falls asleep on his own most nights, but sleeps while he is nursing...then always wakes up right before I lay him down...I think it is because he just wants to see me one last time before he goes to sleep...I make his dreams sweeter. His naps have been tougher this week...too short, which makes for some LONG afternoons. Not sure what the deal is, but it is just a season and we'll all least he is sleeping at night. He is still in the Woombie...I know, I know...this week for sure. I think he is ready to break free.

He is starting to roll more...when he feels like it, and I am good with that. We are still working on the sitting and I am done comparing him to the other boys...he'll sit when he is good and ready. He is definitely starting to get bored with the same routines and he is not afraid to let you know. We should probably retire the bouncer seat now...since it practically touches the floor when he is in it...he is a big boy. He still doesn't seem to have a lot of interest in his paci - surprises me...I really thought he would be a paci baby (he does like to pop it out and play with it) worries, Sam will have his pacifier until he is twelve...we don't need another paci kid in this house I guess. Max is still super ticklish and always has lots of smiles and laughs to give away.  He definitely babbles during the day, but only gets really loud when he is tired. He absolutely adores his brothers and the feelings are mutual...and I love it! He loves to pull hair...pretty much pull on anything...he is always holding onto my shirt or necklace. He is still giving me lots of kisses and actually grabs my face to kiss my heart. He gnaws on his hands constantly. Still no teeth and not sure when they'll be coming...but they're coming. Max has his moments, but he is still the sweetest, little, love, love him!!!

Last week of school...yay! I am ALL DONE with the school routine and even though it is crazy, I really do love having all four of my monkeys at home...ask me in a couple of weeks and we'll see how I really feel. I am praying I have a good attitude...I can get buried in the mundane tasks and miss the big picture...and I can do all of that with a really bad attitude...awesome. So, I am praying this summer is epic...legen "wait for it" dary...with a good attitude to boot!

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To the epic and legendary!! :))