Monday, June 9, 2014

Love this Boy!!!


 Twenty-nine weeks for little Maxime! My little baby will be seven months old next week. It has been such a wonderful blessing having Maxime in our family. I cannot imagine him not a part of it. He fits so perfectly and I thank God everyday for this sweet baby.

So, what did week twenty-nine bring for Maxime? It brought a love of food...well, fruit mostly...BUT he still has lots of struggles trying to enjoy that food on his own...ugh. So, he definitely gets a lot more food when Daddy is around. Maxie definitely loves cherries (fresh from our yard...awesome...I make myself sick on those bad boys and I didn't even think I liked cherries!) and strawberries (and I am going to jump on the Jake bandwagon and agree that the strawberries here are amazing...maybe I will start buying organic if we move back to Phoenix?!?). So, I am hoping he starts feeding himself more - the perks of baby-led weaning is the child feeding himself (this is clearly not happening, but I will say Max has gotten a little better...he just needs more time) is very messy, but I can handle the mess (my life is always a mess). So, we'll just keep pushing the food (well, as many times as I can remember during the week...which is easier said than done). He is still mostly breastfeeding, but he is wild sometimes - gone are the days of him just sitting and eating happily. He is still not sitting up...insert sad face here (for reals), we'll just add it to the list of things to work on. I think he is getting better with grabbing at things, but is definitely not the baby that is trying to get up all in your business. He is very content to just sit in your lap and watch the world around him. I love that about him. He does let you know when he is tired of being that content baby, but then he is content to stand. We are spending more time outside and in the stroller - he loves to be out. I just always need to remind myself to throw Maxime into the mix with everything...and to just relax. He will always go with the flow and naps can be skipped (ahh!) or pushed back (and you know what, the world will not end).


I see Max falling more and more for Daddy each week (sigh) day I'll be more fun (or one day the boys will realize that cleaning really is super fun!). He has had a couple rough nights of sleep this last week (which means we all suffer, but I really don't mind feeding him - it is quick and he really is so sweet...but I would prefer an uninterrupted night of sleep)...and I am going to say it...teething. And yes, I know the teeth won't actually come for a couple of months, but I swear he is teething. He is seriously trying to eat his hand right off. Looks like it is time for some essential know they got an oil for that! He has started scooting a little bit...on his belly, backwards...good luck with that my friend. I am ready for a sitting baby...I am NOT ready for a mobile baby...not even a little bit.  He is still in the Woombie, but I think I'll try a breakout again this is getting warm (no AC - that is a first for me) and he seems like he may want to roll and I panic with the thought of him being in the Woombie and rolling over (which he rarely rolls, but I know he can do it). We'll see how it goes - he is such a swaddle baby. He is still falling asleep on his own and he loves the little light show thing he has in his room...sweet baby. Max is still smiles and loving looks (most of the time) - he really is the sweetest thing ever and I just wish everyone had a little Max in their lives.


My, oh my these weeks fly by! It is impossible to keep up with everything, and I know my husband and boys need keeping up with first. Again, easier said than done. I am definitely feeling the burden of my boys knowing Jesus and I am so thankful that it is HIS grace that saves and not my faithfulness (because let's be is a lot of unfaithfulness most days). I pray my boys see Jesus lived out in us and they realize it is the only thing they need. It is hard in a world that is pushing everything but Jesus...breaks my heart. Lord, show your sweet grace to my sweet boys...and please, please, please show Your grace to me!

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Amy Gerak said...

Amen! Grace and more grace!! :)