Monday, June 23, 2014

Loving it!

Max is thirty-one weeks! My little boy...thirty-one weeks, so hard to believe! These weeks seriously fly by...hard to catch my breath at times. Max is doing great. I know I say it every week, but this baby is so sweet. He always goes with the flow and rarely complains (definitely complains a whole lot less than the rest of the members in the Saylor household). Every week I see him finding his voice a little more and see his personality shaping a little more, but he does seem to continue to be laid back, which is what this Mama needs! Watch, once he gets mobile, he'll be super crazy! And, that would be ok...we all know I need a little more crazy in my life...right?!? Max is just sweet...his big smiles and peaceful disposition just melt my heart. Oh, so smitten with this sweet boy!

So, what did week thirty-one bring for Max? He is still eating everything we give him...we say, "Look, Maxie likes it."...and he likes everything. It is rare that he'll spit anything out. Of course, I am sure I am breaking all the baby food rules...we just give him whatever we are eating...salt and all! How shameful! Fourth child...what can I say. So, he is eating whatever we give him...BUT he still won't feed himself. I am sure he is thinking, "Hey, Stupid. (think of the honey badger) Why feed myself when you'll do it for me?" Truth. We'll keep working on it. I am thankful he is willing to try all sorts of food. The only thing he has spit out was egg, which I am sure I am not supposed to give him anyway! Apple sauce is definitely his favorite - no surprise there, it is really sweet.   He did enjoy some McD's french fries as well this week (yep, I am an amazing mom!).  He also got to enjoy some Swiss sausages at our village marche as well. 


He has been sitting up for a few minutes at a time before he falls over. He likes sitting up and I would guess we are about two weeks long as I commit to work on it everyday and I am committed! I really want him to sit-up. It will be so much more fun for him...he just needs to trust me. He still really doesn't roll much, but he will...when he feels like it. My gut tells me is that Max is going to be slow on getting mobile...I am ok with that. He is starting to move around more and he flips himself all around in his crib. He is getting better at reaching for things and now will start grabbing at whatever we have in our hands (and why did I wish for this?!?). He is still super ticklish and loves to be heard. He does this seal barking thing that always makes us laugh...he is a silly baby. He is still nursing well, but hating the cover. I rarely feed him outside the house, but I when I do, I am very un-Euro and I use a nursing cover...Max is not a fan, which I get - it is hot under the cover, but we need the cover...I am an ugly nurser for sure. His naps are still hit or miss - his morning nap is always better than his afternoon nap (he has this internal clock that will not let him sleep past four in the matter what time he goes down for his afternoon nap...ugh) and we gave up trying to figure out a third nap during the day so he just goes to bed earlier because he does become ALL done with his day towards the evening.  We still have our fun laying around in bed...tickling and playing...I love this special time with him.  He loves to give big, open mouthed kisses...he thinks it is so fun to just sit with me and give me kiss after kiss...I love it too.  I just keep saying "kiss" and he keeps giving them to me...melt my heart.  Love this boy!!!  What an absolute sweetheart this baby blessed! (and we would be so blessed even if he wasn't a total sweetheart!)


I know I said it before, but I am loving our summer days here (I know I won't say that after many days of eighty degree temps and no AC, but for now...I am enjoying it all).  I really want to push myself to get out more this summer.  The public pools are a big deal here, but the thought of taking all four boys (that pretty much just know how to drown) makes me nervous.  I know I will do it, but it stresses me out.  I feel like a child here a lot of the time...not knowing the language is so hard at, staying home and being comfortable just makes more sense to me.  BUT we will all go crazy if we don't get out this summer...for sure.  And, it is nice that Max is willing to be flexible, so I am looking forward to school being out (less than two weeks to go!!!) and just having a lazy summer (as lazy as you can with four boys!!!).  I am thankful for this season of isn't easy, but it is a blessing!

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Amy Gerak said...

Love to hear about his sweet kisses- so cute!! :) Glad you are hanging in. Haven't checked my blogs in awhile-- got a summer cold and just the normal crazy!! Hope you get out this summer, too, in small doses of wonderful and crazy! :) Much love, Amy :)