Monday, June 2, 2014

More of the Same


Twenty-eight weeks for Maxime!!! This little boy is twenty-eight weeks! What?!? He is super fun, super cute...and getting super big...all too quickly! I know this summer will go by fast and he'll be almost one and then baby is gone (ok, not really because I will always have my baby). All part of life - this growing-up gig...some days I feel like it can't happen fast enough, but most days I just want it to slow down. Such a sweet and crazy time...these "little" years!

So, what did week twenty-eight bring for Maxime? Well, it brought more exposure to new foods...he is willing to try things (not sure how much actually goes down), but he won't really grab for it and do it on his own. I am committed to putting him in the high chair once a day to see if he wants to eat (that is about as much of a commitment I can do right now). I am in no rush...Jake, on the other hand, is another story! Max started "biting" (he still doesn't have teeth) me while nursing (teeth or no frickin' hurts!)...I flick his cheek and he just smiles at me...oh, well. He is still nursing great (still gets a night time bottle to help with night time sleep) and I am not losing my, we'll keep the relationship going. He isn't terribly distracted while nursing, which is great (he has been use to sound of my shows since birth), but he does like to move ALL around while eating and sometimes that just doesn't work out for me...not one little bit. He seems to have bad allergies (thank you, Daddy) and has been a bit of a faucet lately...poor buddy. And, he just LOVES when you wipe his nose (right). Everything is in bloom here, so hopefully his allergies will taper off soon. He is drooling a ton and likes to bite everything (case in point, my poor ladies), but I still know teeth are a ways out...he doesn't seem like he is in any pain.

He still isn't sitting up and I really wish he would be a whole new world for him...we are both ready for this world. I work on it with him, but he just doesn't seem interested. All in due time, I guess. He still loves to stand and is diggin' just standing in his walker (there would be no walking in that walker...unless Sam or Judah hop in...there there is lots of walking going on). I am seeing him wanting to be held a bit more...hmmm...we'll see about that. We still haven't worked out a decent schedule since he doesn't have a set time he wakes in the morning and I am not crazy about a schedule so I rarely wake him up in the morning unless we need to be somewhere. So, he will sometimes wake at seven (if he wakes before seven, I will feed him and lay him back down...nothing good happens before seven in this house) or nine...just depends on the day. I still dreamfeed him - maybe need to cut that out...I swear every time I am thinking about cutting it out, he senses it and wakes up. And we are definitely not thinking about cutting out the Woombie since we keep failing miserably on that one. He is still coughing a lot and sounds like a barking seal (it entertains him - he does it on purpose), but it is his thing and we are cool with it. We are moving him up to size three diapers - big boy! This baby is all smiles and giggles...seriously. He goes with the flow almost all the time and rarely complains. He is such a sweetheart! So in love with this sweet boy!

Hard to believe this little boy will be seven months in less than two weeks. And, even harder to believe is that we put our five year-old on a bus this morning for his first school trip!!! Yes, they do school trips here at four and five years-old...what in the world?!? Learning to take a deep (very deep) breath and trust in God...praying for our sweet boy...and his teachers (bless their hearts...twenty kids six and thank you). I was in such a  different place five years all goes by so fast and I know this. I am enjoying my time with Max...I am in no rush. I love just laying with him in my bed - cuddling and giggling with him - he gets the biggest smiles. Oh, so in love. Love this baby to pieces!!!

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Amy Gerak said...

Love this guy and all the others, too!! He just seems so chill!!! Craziness that 5 year olds go on trips, but you all deserve a medal for surviving that. Yeah Hugh and parents. :)) Love and miss you all, Amy :)