Sunday, June 15, 2014

So Big!

Maxime is thirty weeks and seven months! No way is my little baby seven months old! But, alas...he really is seven months old and he won't be my little baby for too much longer. This week started off a little rough...some sleepless nights, and I thought it was going to be a BRUTAL week, BUT I should know better...Maxime likes to make my life easy (at least someone in this house does)...sweet baby. He did have a couple rough nights, but that was it. I do think he is teething and I am sure there will be more rough nights to come, but this week...not so bad. Honestly, it is part of the package of being a parent...there will be rough nights...hard seasons...teething...and with four boys, there is a lot of teeth! But we are so thankful for all those teeth!

So, what did week thirty bring for Max? Well, no teeth, but that doesn't surprise me. He had some crankiness, but overall has been a fairly happy guy. He is waking up again at night, but we are still dream feeding him, it all works out. We finally ran out of our US Similac formula, so we are buying the Swiss deal now. Well, I have learned that starting Max on Similac (the Cadillac version of formula...only the best for our babies) and then switching was probably not my best idea. Hindsight is always 20/20 and doesn't help me now.  So, it has been a bit of a rough go transitioning to the Swiss (not everything is better in Switzerland according to Max) brand...but he will drink it...if he is sleeping. If he is awake and I give it to him, he will smile and spit it back at me. We will make it work...we have to. He has been eating more food and I have a feeling he would love himself some purees and would have been a fantastic baby food eater (of course that would be the case on my last baby!), but I am not going down that road. So, we'll keep having him try things and be patient with him feeding himself - he just struggles with grabbing the food and getting it to his mouth. I remind myself that he is still little and I need to be patient. So, I'll be patient. He does like food...he does have those Johnson genes after all. I just look forward to the day he can really enjoy it himself.

He definitely knows the feeling of being hot and sticky - it is hot and humid here, thankfully it doesn't last for days on end...but it is still hot and no AC...ugh. So, Max spends most days in just a t-shirt and diaper...really trying to bring the Swiss down to our level. He's so fancy. He also got his first sunburn...terrible mother and poor baby, but he is a trooper.  He has started grabbing for things when we hold him now - like plates, cups, know, all the fun, breakable stuff. Now we are ready for some fun. He can be super loud and gets really loud when you are trying to speak with someone and he believes you should be paying attention to him. He is figuring out how to survive being the baby of the family. It makes me laugh. He still isn't sitting, but seems like he is getting closer...we'll keep working on it. He LOVES it when his brothers will play with him, and I am very thankful for the three older boys who can be so sweet with Max. It takes a village to raise a child and I have a village. Now, Max can also scream when his brothers get a little too close, because sometimes (like eighty percent of the time) his big brothers are super crazy.  He is enjoying his cool mornings hanging outside with the big boys...the mornings here are so nice.  Maxie is still such a sweet, laid back little guy...he has smiles for, love, love this sweet baby boy!!!

So, we are enjoying summer here...the way summer should be enjoyed...playing outside, climbing trees, eating fresh fruit from the trees, playing with water...just enjoying the outside.  Being raised in Arizona most of my life, it was hard to enjoy summer unless you were in the pool.  It is different here, and I like it.  Don't get me wrong...some days are so dang hot and I LONG for the days of AC, but for the most part it isn't too bad (ask me again in August and we'll see how I feel).  I love having this for our boys...such great memories to be made.  It is crazy to think that Max will be in the swing of things with the big boys next year rather than watching like a spectator from my lap.  Hard to believe that Jake has almost been in Switzerland for a year.  Time really does fly is to wishing for a fun (drama free summer)!!!

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Amy Gerak said...

So glad you are enjoying the beautiful outdoors in Switzerland-- soo fun!! :)) Glad you are surviving the non-AC; totally didn't know they weren't into AC. Being from AZ, I think that people must have it everywhere!!! :)) Ed's parents didn't have it til just a few years ago. Give hugs to everyone there and take care of you in the midst of the crazy and wonderful! :)