Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Baby!!!

Another week...Max is thirty-three weeks! What?!? How did that happen? My word, these weeks fly is hard to keep up with it all. I still can be in disbelief at times that I have four kids...four boys!!! I know I have had thirty-three weeks to process it all (on top of all the weeks I was actually pregnant with Max), but it still takes me by surprise. We are so blessed to have these four amazing boys. It is definitely crazy at times, but I love seeing these boys bonding and I am excited for Max to get in the mix as well. And, he desperately wants to be in the mix...when his crazy brothers are running, he starts throwing himself all around and laughing. It is quite funny. I know he'll be in it all too soon...but I can wait for it all. Love this baby boy so much!!!

So, what did week thirty-three bring for Max? He continues to be sitting up more and more. I still will not leave him alone while sitting...but, hopefully soon. I know it sounds crazy, but it is hard to sit with him sometimes to practice sitting up (I swear, sometimes when I actually put my thoughts into print I sound like the worst mother ever!)...I always feel like once we get down, something crazy happens (that happens a lot with four young boys) and I have to get back up. We'll get there...just slowly. He moves himself all around when he is laying on the ground, but he definitely shows no signs of crawling and I am okay with that...for sure. When Max gets is going to be so crazy, I might lose the rest of the mind I still have...for reals. He is content to push himself around in his walker...that works for the both of us right now. He is still eating everything you put into his mouth (yep, fine motor skills are still very much lacking...however, he was feeding himself some crepes this weekend...but he is a bit like a T-Rex with a big head and little arms and he pretty much just slaps the food across his face and hopes he'll land something in his mouth)...we can't find anything he doesn't like! His favorite foods are fruit...applesauce is at the top of that list still...he can eat a bowl much as I would give his brothers.

He is starting to put more and more chunk on and that doesn't surprise me at all with the amount of food he eats...all.the.time!!! And, he still nurses at least four times a day...chunky baby for sure. And, I love it! Hugh and Sam were my lean babies and Judah and Max were/are my chunky babies...there is something about a round face with chubby it! (However, I should probably stop calling him "fat baby"...I don't want to give him a complex.) He definitely likes to play and grabs now at whatever he can. He loves to pull hair, which is not so awesome. He still loves to give me kisses and is still grabbing my face to do doesn't matter how hard the day can be, when he starts giving me kisses...I just melt. It doesn't matter that the kisses are with his mouth wide open and he slobbers all over me...I love it all. And, I am going to miss it so much when he stops doing it. He is biting again while nursing...that I do not love...and he just laughs at me when I flick his cheek...awesome. He is still hit or miss on his naps. I thought he was getting better, but the last two days have been terrible! No naps or super short naps...ugh. However, Max is still happy...naps or not, but his night ends early on his bad nap days. We tried to break him of the Woombie again...but it was a failure. Yes, I know he is almost eight months old and is still being swaddled...there are worse, a battle for another day. Maxime is still the happiest baby ever (people cannot get over how content he is all of the time)...he is always smiling or laughing or making this silly face he always makes...such a fun guy...and we are all so in love with him!

School's Out For Summer!!! I am ready. Ready for this sticky, warm summer with like eight million bugs, no window screens, no air conditioning, no ceiling fans with four crazy boys summer. Living the dream for sure. Seriously though, I am looking forward to summer...I just wish the eight million bugs (that Swiss people swear don't exist...they be crazy!!!) would go away...I guess I'll just get use to the dream (I just keep telling myself that). It will be a great summer. There is so much fun to be, I just need to pump myself up enough to do it...and do it with a happy heart. Cheers to next week...the first week of summer!

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