Saturday, July 12, 2014

Let the Training Begin!

Happy thirty-four weeks to Maxie!!! Well, it hasn't been a happy week (I think it is the first unhappy week of Maxie's life...sad.). We have broken him (or at least we are trying to) of the Woombie and he is sad...very sad. I know (well, I don't really know) that he is almost eight months and needs to be broken of the swaddle (but does he really?!?...Jake and I will agree to disagree :))...but I wish it would be a smoother transition...and I HATE hearing my babies cry (hence why Sam didn't sleep through the night until he was one...when he was ready). Max has been a great sleeper since birth...but I believe the swaddle played a big role in that great, no swaddle = junky sleep. I know it is a matter of of the many things that will come in regards to training...and, I know it is a very minor one. It is just hard for this Mama's heart. And sadly, I allow a non-napping, crying baby to majorly affect my heart and attitude (I am working on it.). I am praying this next week will be better!


So, what did week thirty-four bring for Maxime? Well, obviously the biggest thing was the breaking of the breaking a takes work. So, he has not been all...and it is crazy inducing...for reals. His night sleep also hasn't been great and he has been waking up early...too early for this Mama who always stays up way too late (because I will never learn). I am so not a morning person...someone just needs to tell my kids that. So, I know this is just a season...but it is definitely one of my least favorite seasons. We'll keep working on it. Honestly, (and I am sure this is completely irrational) I fear that this "crying out" will change Max...he is the happiest baby and I think this is going to make him jaded (yes, I know...irrational...I can be completely irrational at times). He has been cranky this week, but he hasn't been getting great sleep...ugh, that ugly cycle. Anyway, moving on... Max is sitting up more, but still can't leave him alone...he does well, but whenever I try to get a picture of him, he will fall over...oh, well. He loves to sit and play while his brothers play around him or play with him. His brothers still adore him and the feeling is very mutual - Max LOVES his crazy brothers and the brothers are a big help when I need a few minutes...they provide lots of entertainment to him.


His brothers can also get a little too rough and there can be tears at times, but it is all in good fun. Max does love to play and is great now with reaching and grabbing at whatever he wants. He still doesn't show any interest in crawling...he moves some by rolling, which is fine by me. He is still eating well, but is showing some slowing down...he will lock his lips when he is all done versus being the bottomless pit he was last week. He also spits, which is no good...we do not enjoy the spitting...not one bit. This last week he has just seemed a little disinterested in eating. We'll see how this next week goes. He is still not feeding interest in it...not one little bit. One day, one day we'll get there. He likes to pinch me, scratch me (he needs his nails clipped...not my job), and pull my is like I am fighting with a teenage girl...super fun.  He will normally just laugh at me when I try and correct him...even more super fun...he also pulls his brothers' hair...they do not enjoy it at all. Max seems to be very interested in the TV, and any time the TV is on, he likes to flip himself over and watch mother ever for sure. He had his first visit to Bern - went to the zoo and saw the Bears of Bern. He did great - such a good sport. Despite his non-napping, he is still such a sweet baby (with a little crank thrown in for good measure) this baby boy so much...just wish he would sleep.

Honestly, it hasn't been my best week...we didn't quite have the epic first week of summer. It has been cold and rainy, and then sleep training a baby, and an unorganized Mama = not the best combo. Anyway, I have said it a million times...I rely too much on my children's sleep to dictate my day. I know my hope and joy comes from the Lord, but my attitude definitely doesn't reflect that. So, I pray this week that I rest in the truth of God's word...each one of these seasons is a blessing...even when I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. I need to get my heart in boys are so awesome and I love them to pieces. I pray I can be thankful for this sleep training last one. And, I pray I get smart and go to bed earlier (but we all know that won't happen!!!)!


Anonymous said...

I wish I were there to help you. I know this is a rough season. Sleep training a baby and a mom's sanity are something I can relate to (I'm not sure if you remember how hard it was on me). Hang in there. :) love, Evy

Amy Gerak said...

So glad you made it through this week; will be praying that God gives you and baby Max some good sleep. I know, us night-owls-- it is so hard to go to sleep early!!! Love you, Amy :)