Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Silly Baby


Happy thirty-six weeks to Maxime!  Another week down…these weeks go by so.dang.fast!  I have a hard time keeping up with it all…shoot, I have a hard time keeping up with life at times.  My little baby is becoming not so little each and every day.  I know it is crazy, but I can still get that baby itch at times (yes, I know I still have a baby and yes, I know I already have four kids)…I panic as times knowing my baby days are gone…but I also have a sweet peace about it all…lots of conflicting emotions…darned hormones (still!).  I am really enjoying this sweet boy – I feel like life is more relaxed for me here despite being away from all our extended family…I still always have so much to do, but it just feels more relaxed because my to-do list is in the home…hard to explain, but I feel like I can be more present and enjoy our last baby (and enjoy our three crazy, older boys as well).  I am thankful to God for blessing us with this season – His kindness is seen throughout every aspect of our lives…and especially through little Maxime.

So, what did week thirty-six bring for Max?  Yes, he is still sleeping in the Woombie.  I’ll just lay it out there.  Nope, didn’t even try one time to break him from it…I even woke him up to put him in it when I forgot to put him in it one night…truth.  And, I am okay with that…totally okay with it all.  Moving on.  So, I think Maxie is teething…not one hundred percent sure, but fairly certain.  He has been crying out more, drooling a lot, a little cranky (emphasis on little because nothing really gets Maxime down)…so, I am going with teething.  I am trying the amber necklace on him to see if it will help with the pain, drooling, etc…we’ll see.  I am so crunchy…I figured that I lather him up in essential oils, I might as well slap an amber necklace on him.  He doesn’t notice it at all, and I really don’t want his brothers to notice it…I fear they would choke him with it.  His sleeping has been fine this last week EXCEPT he has decided that afternoon naps are very overrated.  Honestly, the big issue is I nurse him to sleep (and no, I don’t feel guilty about rocking and feeding him to sleep…he is my last baby (wait, I did it with all my babies…we are Babywise failures))…like until dead asleep…BUT I can’t stay that way with him…sadly, I have to lay him down.  It works fine in the morning – he sleeps great, but not so much in the afternoon.  The thing is he can fall asleep on his own when he wants…and he doesn’t want to for his afternoon naps.  However, Maxime will learn that his Mama is no quitter when it comes to naps (I don’t ever joke about naps…ever)…so, we’ll just keep working on it.  The missed afternoon naps do make for an exhausted boy by the end of the day, but he is still a happy boy for the most part. 

He has been sitting more and playing…he loves it.  He still falls over, but a lot of times I don’t even know he has fallen over because he doesn’t make a peep (thank God for big, strong heads)…seriously, I’ll find him in the laundry basket on his back just playing…this kid makes me laugh.  He is still eating like a champ, but I have realized that Max does not enjoy eggs…we have finally found something that Maxie doesn’t like…shocker.  He is still nursing…short and sweet, but working out for now.  I can still be in shock at times that I don’t have a relationship with a pump this time around…crazy for me…and so thankful.   He still shows no interest in crawling…he has no idea what it is and is content to hang out and play with whatever is in front of him.  I know this won’t last forever so I am happy with him being chill.  Max is totally in a licking phase and will lick whatever you put in front of him…sadly, his brothers know this as well and they think it is quite funny…disgusting for Max for sure…poor buddy.  It is funny though when I am holding him and he starts licking my arm, my shirt, my face…whatever.  He is the dog Jake has always wanted.  Maxie finds his voice more and more every day…he can be so loud.  He needs to compete with his three older brothers.  I love how whenever I see him, he will burst into the biggest smile…melts my heart.  I love that he searches for me in the morning.  He is such a silly boy and is always making me smile.  It is so hard to believe these days are numbered (can’t even think about it because I start crying).  Max is as sweet as can be – lots of smiles, laughs, and cuddles.  He is such an amazing blessing to this family!!!

Hard to believe we are half way through this summer already!  I think we are having a good time this summer.  It has been really rainy, which doesn’t surprise me at all…it rains A LOT here.  The funny thing is everyone will tell me that this isn’t typical Swiss weather…all I know is that I have lived here for almost a year and it rains at least three times a week.  I am not sure why the Swiss cannot embrace it…your country is beautiful and green…and it is green for a reason because it rains ALL.THE.TIME.  Honestly, I haven’t minded it at all…it seems like one week it is warm and then one week it cold and rainy…I am use to Arizona summers so this is a welcomed change.  I am sure in a few years I’ll be saying the same thing and believing it doesn’t rain all the time here.  I pray the next few weeks will be great and I will have patience with my sweet boys (that can definitely run low at times)…and maybe (however, very doubtful) it will stop raining.   

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Amy Gerak said...

I am so behind on blogs! So excited to catch up... glad you are embracing the rain since it is inevitable-- haha! And, I was totally laughing at Max's licking phase-- my kids were/are totally oral, so I get that! Love you and miss you, Amy :)