Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Thirty-five weeks!!!  Thirty-five weeks!!!  I can hardly believe it.  How is our little Maxime already thirty-five weeks and eight months?  I swear the last eight months have gone by so quickly, it blows my mind.  Hard to believe that Max will be a year old in less than four months.  The last eight months have been such a blessing to us…I can honestly say that I cannot imagine my life without Max.  My life is fuller and has more joy because of this little boy.  This season of life is so crazy at times, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it all…but it is very much worth it…even if I end up with all gray hair in the next two years (trust me, I am well on way…for reals)!

So, what did week thirty-five bring for Max?  Well, after a VERY long and rough night (not all Max’s fault)…I broke down and stuffed that little boy back into his Woombie.  Yep, I sure did.  When you realize you are probably only going to get about two hours of sleep, you bag the whole week of sleep training you did and you put that baby back into his swaddle.  You also spend hours crying thinking about how you are destroying your child for keeping him in a swaddle for too long (I can thank Jake for this).  Anyway, it was a long night and I did what I had to do and you know what, Max slept like a baby…the sweet baby that he is (even when he is not sleeping).  So, he has been back in his Woombie this whole week and he is sleeping all around (naps and nights) SO much better.  I just don’t think he is ready to break out of the swaddle yet.  Yes, I know that most babies are ready around four months…but not Max.  We will try again around nine months…but for now, everyone is happy (well, not Jake…he still wants him out of that swaddle) and sleeping.  In other news, Max is sitting up all by himself now!  Yay!  He is doing great and I actually leave him to sit by himself…not for too long because he does move his big head all around and then he falls over…and our floors are not the most forgiving.  When I need him to sit for longer than I think he can handle, I just put him the laundry basket with some toys…you got to do what works, but I have learned to lean the basket up against a wall because he has fallen over in the basket as well…that darned big head of his.  He loves sitting and playing, and I love it too.   

I know he is constantly watching his brothers and is just itching to be with them, but he is not close to crawling.  He has no idea what it is and I am okay with that…all in good time.  Even though he cannot run around with his brothers, he still gets to play with them – the big boys are all over Max and take every opportunity to play with him. Max LOVES all of them…so sweet…I love to see the relationships growing stronger every day.  Our boys are very tight...love it.  Max still eats everything…honestly, there is nothing he doesn’t like…I thought yogurt was a fail, but I can safely say pineapple yogurt is a favorite of his (it is quite delicious here).  Seriously, I wonder at times what he won’t eat…it is so funny.  I have felt at times this last week that he is getting burned out with nursing.  He definitely gets WAY more excited about food versus nursing, but I am not concerned…I will accept the weaning whenever he is ready.  I am past the point of hating nursing…I really don’t mind it (who have I become?!?), BUT I won’t shed any tears when our nursing relationship comes to an end.  It will mean we are all ready, and I am good with it.  So, we’ll see what happens – I won’t be forcing anything.  I love that he is such a great eater and as long as you are feeding him, he'll eat it.  He has really been trying to feed himself this week, but is having little success…sad.  His fine motor skills are lacking (or non-existent…whatever)…but I am glad he is at least trying.  I know he’ll be feeding himself before long.  He is still spitting like crazy…ugh…drives me batty!  I will be glad when the spitting phase is over.  He had his first trip to the beach – he LOVED the sand and the water.  The motto with Maxie is “he loves everything” (except being out of the Woombie of course).  He gets super excited all the time – he starts swinging his arms all around and lets out this high pitch whistle…and then he starts hitting me in the face and laughing…oh, crazy boy.  He loves it when I whistle at him…he gets the biggest smiles and laughs…love it.  He is still giving lots of kisses and actually makes the kissing noise…so funny.   He really is such a sweet, easy going baby.  We are so blessed by this little boy!

Another week of summer down and I think we are having a great time! (Now, don’t go asking the boys…they may not agree.)  We have been getting out (thanks to some local girls from church who watch Max while he is sleeping) – parks, pools…it has been fun.  Now, it is raining again this week…so, we’ll figure something out.  But you know what?!? We are going on vacation in a few weeks!!! (Yep, we are throwing caution to the wind with our tax bills (thank you USofA for still taxing us like we live there…sometimes I love myself some Neil Diamond and I sing the “I am proud to be American” song, but I’ll be honest…I am not proud when it comes to our ridiculous tax situation for ex-pats…it is crazy…moving on) and medical bills…life is too short.) We are going to the beach in Cannes and the boys are thrilled…it will be such a great time.  Never thought I would say I am vacationing in Cannes…but I am!  Now, I just need to survive the next few weeks (one of which is a solo parenting week)…I can do this!  And, of course I can do this with the Woombie and a sleeping baby!


Anonymous said...

Yes! I know you can do it! And isn't it so amazing when you get through it all and sometimes it's not as bad as you thought it would be. I love the feeling of "I made it through!" Email me sometime... I can tell you of the life of three kids I am having ;). Love, Evy

Amy Gerak said...

This was so awesome-- so with you, he just may not be ready to leave the woombie!! And, I love the laundry basket-- so cute. We have big heads over here, too, so I totally get that, too. Much love in Him and enjoy Cannes!!!! ~ Amy :)