Monday, August 4, 2014

Another Week...

Yay, Maxie is thirty-seven weeks! That means my baby boy will be a year old in fifteen!!! I seriously want Maxie to stay a baby FOREVER. I am dead serious. He is such a sweet baby and always just goes with the flow, which is a huge answer to prayer because a high maintenance baby would break me...for reals.  By the way, a high maintenance would still have been an answer to prayer, but I am thankful that God blesses you with exactly what you need and gives you the daily grace to survive it all (trust me, I know...I have lived through high maintenance babies). Honestly, this last week has been a little tougher for Max...he had amped up the crankiness a bit, but it really isn't that much. I know it is those teeth...I am certain of it! I swear I can feel those little, bad boys and they are making Max sad...darned teeth! Oh, well...I guess everyone needs some teeth and since he wasn't born with a full set of teeth (zero for four on that creepiness...dodged a bullet) we'll just have to battle through these days (I should also mention my sweet two-year old tells me about the teeth he is getting as well (super fun molars for him) two teething babes!).


So, what did week thirty-seven bring for Max? He is still loving to play and his absolute favorite thing is to play with his brothers. Max loves those boys! They can ALWAYS get him to smile and laugh. They can also get him to cry...sad, but they mostly get him to laugh. Maxie did learn that he doesn't like loud noises...especially when his brothers like to roar at him. It made Max so sad. Max doesn't mind loudness when it comes from him...he can be SO loud. He knows he needs to keep up with his brothers. Just what I needed...another crazy boy! Max not only loves to play with his brothers, but he also loves to play with their toys. His brothers are already pros at the swapping and redirecting game, which we all know won't work with Max forever. I have felt like Max is reaching for me sometimes. I am sure it is just wishful thinking, but I am excited for him to reach for me. He does reach for me with his eyes though...for reals...he'll just give me this look because he wants Mama (yes, I am crazy, but this is my last baby and I can be as crazy as I want to be). I also think I may of heard him say "Mama", but I'll be honest...I heard him say "Dada" first. I haven't heard either one again...oh, well...I have three other boys who yell "Mama" at least eight million times a day...for reals.

Maxie is still eating everything and nurses when he wants, which is fine. He will seriously eat it. We hope he stays this good of an eater (but we know better). His naps are still hit or miss, and I am sure the teething plays a role in it all, but he is sleeping at, I am thankful for that. I should mention that I am not sure if the amber necklace helps with teething or not...I do believe it cuts down on the drool, but now I cannot find the necklace (story of my life...I would lose my head if it wasn't attached to my neck). He still shows no signs of mobility whatsoever, and I am still super ok with his lack of movement...all in good time. He enjoyed some time at the beach again and some pool time. Maxie loves the sand and is a total water baby so he was as happy as could be! Maxie still gets crazy excited about random things - swinging his arms, laughing...who knows what it is, but Max just loves life. He is super sweet and cute as can be...we cannot get enough of his kisses and his this boy!!!


So, I am in survival mode...solo parenting week here I come! I pray I have an extra measure of patience and grace this week...I definitely need it. I love my boys to pieces, but solo parenting is so hard...the days are LONG. I just need to survive this week and then it is vacation...yay! I know vacation weeks with little children can sometimes be more stress than regular weeks, but it is all about attitude...and I am going to have a good attitude, because I can choose my attitude. We all love the beach (despite sand being in my gross!)...and I am so thankful we can take this trip! With God all things are is to killing it this week and living it up next week!!!

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Amy Gerak said...

Praying you made it through this week and can't wait to see how vaca went!! :)))