Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to Business

Forty weeks! Yikes! Max is getting too close to a year old. I cannot believe that my baby is almost a year old. I pretty much wish everyday that this boy would stop getting bigger. I wish I would have enjoyed all my babies as much as Max, but I think it takes time to grow into being a mother...a mother who can relax and enjoy all the little things (at least it did for me...and maybe (just maybe) I am not alone in this boat). Also, I know Max being my last baby plays into savoring every last bit of this baby business (I wish someone would have told me to savor every moment with each one of my kids like it could be my last...oh, well...moving on). Of course, I want Max to grow up, but it is hard...caught between two worlds...the baby world (where I have been since 2008 and am now leaving...very slowly) and the growing up world (where I have been since 2008 and will be for years to come). I feel like I am always going over this in my head...I am crazy, but we all already know that. Anyways, I love the growing up world...but I love myself a baby! Sweet baby Max...I couldn't have imagined a better ending to this chapter of our lives!

So, what did week forty bring for Maxime? Well, no teeth...maybe he'll be a toothless wonder?!? The skin is broken through on one tooth...but nothing is coming up. It doesn't affect him too much, which I am SUPER thankful - our kids have gotten progressively worse with their teething (however, I don't think it could get worse than Sam) I was worried Max might be brutal, but in typical Maxie fashion, it isn't too bad. It does wake him at times, but nothing a little Tylenol doesn't fix. Hopefully, those teeth will make an appearance this week! He does seem to be having a little bit of separation anxiety when we leave him...he doesn't need to be held or anything, but likes the company...which he almost always has (when you have four children...someone is always there to be an takes a village), but his panicking lasts seconds and then he is fine. And, if he can see you then he is absolutely fine. He is still showing no signs of crawling or any interest to crawl...all in good time (seems to be the motto with Maxie). He is content to sit and play right now, which works great for us all. He loves toys and figuring everything out - he played with balloons and those were a big hit. He is just so curious and silly. He loved being a part of his big brother's birthday party (he has a special love for Judah...and Judah is super sweet to it!). 

 He is still being super loud and demands to be heard. He does this thing where he shakes his hands and is laughing (heavy breathing) funny...he just wants attention. He will also stare at you to get your attention - he does that a lot to Jake.  And, when Jake gets him in the morning, he normally always has to make sure he can see me (just see me...not be held by me) or he panics a little bit (sweet boy). People can't help but love this little boy - he has big smiles for everyone (except for this one guy from church who always makes him cry). He is such a sweet cuddler too - he lays his head on your chest ( my heart) and just doesn't get any sweeter and the world stops in those moments (because I know they won't last long). He is still giving me lots of kisses and I absolutely love it when he grabs my face to give me a kiss. Love him. He is still eating well - willing to try everything (love that about him!). Sadly, he still spits...and I hate the spitting! Ugh. I know it won't last forever...then it will be some other eating habit that drives me batty!!! There is still no self-feeding going on at day...all in good time. However, we are trying and hopefully, one day it will stick. He is still hit or miss on naps and we have yet to break the Woombie (kill a girl for wanting a good night of sleep!)...maybe the breaking will happen this week...we'll see. Just taking one day at a time. Love, love, love each day with this sweet, little boy!

Well, summer is holiday is over...officially over...break my heart. I would love to have all my boys at home all the time, but that is not reality. So, school for Hugh starts tomorrow and school for Judah starts the following week...back to the crazy school schedule...and this year having to drive Judah...ugh, but I'll manage and will survive (definitely first world problems). It was a great summer. So many fun memories with my awesome boys. I love being their mom - it truly is a blessing, one that I pray I never take for granted. God is so kind to me. Here is to another school year - let the crazy begin!!!

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Amy Gerak said...

Just now catching up on my blog reading! So glad everyone is doing well. Looking forward to reading more about how everything is going! :)