Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Time!!!

(Ok, so I wrote this post when summer first started...but never got around to posting it...oh, well.  I should probably get this posted now since we are in the last week of summer holiday!)

This kid,

Is awesome. End of story. At two months shy of five years-old, he started a new life in Switzerland. A life away from everything he knew...his grandparents, aunts and uncles, his beloved cousins, and his friends...and he has rocked it this year.

He never shed a single tear about going to school...a school with a whole new language...(at least one of us stayed strong)...and everyday he would tell me he had a great day. He struggled the majority of the year with making friends, but he made some (and even had a little girl with a bit of a crush on him...who can blame her, he is a cutie) and his "lonely" days (as he would call them) never bothered him...ever. And you know what, he can speak and understand French...a lot more than he leads us to believe (thankful for other moms who sat in class and observed him easily following along and speaking French). I get that he doesn't want to speak it outside of is me, I get that 100%.

It has been a year about growing up for this boy...and praise God because Hugh has stepped up. He is still five and can whine and complain with the best of them, but we asked a lot of this little boy this year and he stepped up!

Thankfully, he'll have his same teachers next year and some of the friends he has made will be in his class next year (except for the two sweet girls (and their mothers who I love!) from his class...sad), but we also pray for new friends for him and we'll keep up with his old friends as well...he'll be back with his original class for his third year (yep, they have a different system here...we get it all now and are good with it...we think). And, you know what...he'll step up, he always thankful to God for this sweet boy!!!

So, here is to a great summer!!!

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Amy Gerak said...

Love Hugh and am so proud of all that he has gone through and how he has done it with such grace, honesty, and joy-- quite a 5 year old!! Hope school is off to a great start-- Amy :)