Monday, September 1, 2014

A Tooth...Finally!


Maxie is forty-one weeks!  And, he FINALLY has teeth…well, a tooth…but we just know the other one is soon to follow.  In typical Maxie fashion he is getting his teeth later than his brothers and only one at a time (his big brothers always got their teeth in pairs).  Max is his own person for sure.  I am reminded of this constantly…sadly, I can compare my boys at times and I can worry about Max (wondering why he is later at doing things than the other boys). My, oh my…my trust in God can be so small at times.  Thankfully, God brings me back to His word…reminding me that all my boys are fearfully and wonderfully made…and they are all different.  I pray I dwell on God’s words and not on my own insecurities.  And, Max is right where Max needs to be (and according to his doctor – he is perfectly fine…just “lazy” as she likes to say (the Swiss German have a way with words))…and he continues to be such an incredible blessing…seriously, he makes me want to have a hundred more babies (well, maybe not a hundred more…but more babies for sure…but that ship has sailed and there will be no more babies for me…and that makes me tear up just a little bit (yep, I am totally crazy)).  Love, love, love sweet Maxie-Moo!

So, what did week forty-one bring for Maxime?  Well, the biggest news is the tooth, which I just noticed on Sunday (so technically, he didn’t get the tooth until week forty-two, but whatever).  He has been a fairly easy teether, which is awesome for us all because you know I love myself a good night of sleep.  I am sure another tooth will make an appearance this week.  So, now the big question in my mind is; do I continue the nursing?  I am bit scared to death that this boy is going to bite me.  And, the thought of being bit by this sweet baby of mine (and being bit on my lady bits) scares me to death.  He has been a bit put off by nursing this last week (but he hasn’t been super keen on the bottle either…so, guessing it is just a phase)…so, if he starts biting and continues to be put off by nursing…I could see this nursing relationship ending quite soon.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out.  He has been eating solids great this week again – Maxie likes everything…seriously, this boy has the most advanced palette ever.  He saw his doctor this week for his nine month check-up – he is around 9.3kg (like twenty pounds) and I have no idea how long she said he was…I think it was like 80cm or so…honestly, cannot remember.  However, this makes Max our biggest baby at nine months!  That is just plain crazy since he was so little at birth (he came home at under six pounds).  Sometimes, I think he weighs about the same as Sam…I know, that is sad…but Sam is small and Max is big. I am glad Max is so healthy and doing so well.  He didn’t receive any shots (they do a lot less shots here than in the US), so that was nice…especially since I had all four boys with me (I am thankful I know my doctor and her office makes it easy to take all four boys!). 

Max is still content to sit and play; however, he will scoot himself around if he ends up on his belly, but he doesn’t enjoy being on his belly for too long…he needs to learn to sit-up from a laying down position…all in good time.  He still loves to play with toys and he absolutely loves to watch his brothers play – seriously, he could sit all day and watch his crazy brothers play. He also loves to pull his brothers’ hair, and the brothers don’t love that so much.  He is also more than happy to sit on a blanket outside – watching the trees in the wind…and his crazy brothers.  Honestly, Max is content to pretty much do anything, but he does enjoy company.  He gets sad when he is left alone too long.  He also can scare fairly easy and cries such a sad cry.  He is still quite the cuddler and is always content to just sit and cuddle.  He no longer likes me playing on my phone when I feed him – he will grab my phone and throw it down…okay, I got it…no more phone.  I think the light must distract him.  He hasn’t let me rock him to sleep this past week (break my heart), but he is fine to go to sleep on his own because he LOVES the light toy we have in his crib (seriously, he gets SO excited to see his jungle friends).  He always wears pajamas because I am too lazy to dress him for the day and then redress him again at night...I know, I did just put that in print and you know what...I will still sleep at night knowing I am a lazy dresser.  He is still sleeping great at night and his naps were fine this past week…maybe (just maybe) he is getting himself on a decent schedule.  Max is as sweet as can be – love this little boy to the moon and back!

 So, the first week of school went great…for Hugh…I was in a bit of a funk trying to get back into the routine of school.  School totally cramps my style.  And, the Swiss school schedule is a bit different since everyone goes home for two hours in the day for lunch, which I absolutely love…BUT sometimes I don’t love the back and forth with school pick-ups/drop-offs…and problem solved…Hugh is now walking by himself.  I know this seems shocking, but it is really safe for kids here and you are really encouraged (forced) to have your children walk to school without you.  He is doing great with it and it does make my life a lot easier…however, I will still walk him whenever I get the chance.  Now, Judah is starting preschool (just two mornings a week)…just one more adjustment for us, but we’ll manage it.  I am praying I get myself back on track this week (it should be noted that Jake was out of town last week which didn’t help with getting back into the school routine…it should also be noted that Jake might as well be traveling again this week since he has all day meetings (breakfast until past bedtime)…so, if my funk continues then he is to blame (yep, I am all about blame shifting)).  Thankful for God’s sustaining grace – we all know I need it!


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Amy Gerak said...

I can't believe how big that Max is getting! :) And, I hope school is getting better regarding schedules-- ugh! :)