Monday, September 29, 2014

Big, Bad Teeth!


Maxie is forty-five weeks!  Getting too old...way too old.  When is this baby going to stop growing?!? Sadly, it has been another rough week. Maxie's big, bad teeth are just so dang mean to him...and these mean teeth cause quite a vicious cycle.  Max has been able to kick his cold, but then the teething starts up...which leads to him having a runny nose and then causes a terrible cough...and then leads us back to a cold.  Enough already!  Poke my eyes out and drive me up the wall. Screaming from the rooftop...ALL DONE!!!  However, I do feel so bad for him (I know, I am so selfless) - he is straight-up miserable and it breaks my heart.  His cough is terrible and leads to throwing up and it is just sad, just so sad.  But it also leads to lack of sleep...for me and that is no good (Maxie loses sleep as well, but he gets to nap during the day and sadly for me, my other minions make it impossible for me to nap).  I need sleep...not a whole lot, but at least a solid six hour stretch...and Maxie a.k.a. "The Sleep Thief" is making that very difficult.  I just want this boy to get those top two teeth and then take a pause on the teething...I mean, does a baby really need more than four teeth?!? I don't think so.  Praying for a week filled with lots of smiles and lots of sleep!!!

So, what did week forty-five bring for Max?  Well, it brought drool, drool, drool!  I have never seen a baby drool so much.  He soaks his shirts down to his pants and even soaks the back of his shirt.  What?!? I didn't even know that was possible...for reals.  He just sits there with his mouth open and spit just pouring out...he already knows how to draw in the ladies...yes, he does.  He also is constantly chewing on his hands.  Poor buddy.  I know those mean, nasty teeth are hurting my sweet boy.  And that amber necklace, yep...not doing a darn thing, not a darn thing.  Oh, well.  I tried putting clove bud oil on his gums...that face was priceless.  I am fairly certain if he knew how to slap, he would have slapped me across the face.  However, I then put the oil in my own mouth...I am good like that...and I get why he gave me the '"WTF" face. BUT it does help everything in your mouth go numb so he should be thanking me.  He hates taking all meds, which is a bummer because we all know I love myself some baby meds and have NO problem dispensing them.  And, the nose wiping and nose sucking...yikes, he gets pissed! The teething issues have caused him to give up the bottle...which is just super...just in time to wean him.  And yes, I will be weaning him to a bottle...makes perfect sense to baby, my rules. He also has been a bit of a picky eater this week...oh, well.  (And, he still won't feed himself...ugh.) I chalk it all up to just being a bit miserable and oh, wow - did I ever get to see Maxie's seriously miserable side?!?  Yikes.  Let's just say I saw a bit of his toddler years and I am scared...very scared.  He did seem a bit better today so I am hopeful that these teeth will come in this week.

So, was the zippadeedoda sack a super duper success?!? You bet it was!  Win for the Mama!!!  Maxie loves himself a sack with bat wings!  Now, he still has had some crying fits, but I blame the teeth and not the sack.  And, you better believe I bought sacks for him all the way until he turns bet I did!  Why?  Because I am crazy and I live in a foreign gotta stock up on your goods when you can.  If he didn't have such a nasty cough, this sack would have brought lots of restful sleep...I just know it.  Those bat wings have special powers for sure.  He is still not crawling (and I try desperately not to panic and spend too much time googling what could be wrong with him), but he has a mean bootscoot and it works for him...until he gets caught under furniture and then he just gets spitting mad.  I need to be better about putting him on his tummy more...but I forget.  I forget a lot of happens.  And, Max likes to sit and play...with company (oh, man - this boy loves himself some company).  He loves to be vocal - we talk/grunt with each other and it is so funny.  He has such an expressive personality and he makes me smile with his sweet face.  He went on a long hike this last weekend and he rocked it and I know he felt miserable, but he didn't let that hold him back.  He has so many smiles to give and so many giggles.  He is so ticklish...and I love to torture him.  He gives these super funny "cheese" faces and also has his pout down fairly well.  He loves to grip me like a monkey and I think he is a bit of a Mama's boy (which we all know that I love), but he is more than happy to let others hold him but when I get close he reaches for me (yep, he knows exactly how to get to my heart).  Even after another tough week, this boy is as sweet as ever and he has captured my heart...big time.

So, it was a long week and I am glad it is done.  I am SO thankful for my mom - she is so helpful and I so grateful that she is willing to put her life on hold to help me.  These travel weeks can be so tiring, but I see God's grace through it all.  I don't want to wish these weeks away - I know God uses them to bring me closer to Him.  I am very thankful Jake will be home again this week, even if it just for a couple of days...I am better mother when he is here.  Praying for lots of sleep this week!!!

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Amy Gerak said...

I think I saw those sacks on Shark Tank!! Crazy!! I am so glad your Mom is still there and so glad that you get to see Jake for a bit this week-- yeah!! :) I hope Max is feeling better. Blessings, Amy :)