Sunday, September 7, 2014

Change is Coming


Forty-two weeks for Max!  This little boy is ten weeks shy of turning a year-old…that is just crazy talk right there…for reals.  My little sweet baby is fleeing from me!  No!!!  This last year has gone by so fast…it is hard to wrap my mind around it all.  Seriously, I know I say it over and over (and over and over) again, but the time goes by so fast (again, not every day…like last Thursday…that day didn’t go by fast…time actually stopped).  (Hard to believe that it was this week last year that I found out that Max would most likely be delivered early and be delivered via c-section because of my placenta previa.  That same placenta previa that I was certain wasn't an issue because everyone and their mother told me that no one really ends up with placenta previa.  I can still remember crying during that ultrasound when I learned that I would most likely be having a c-section.  In hindsight, it wasn't a big deal...but a year ago, it was a huge deal.  Thankful for God's grace and protection.)  I love every new stage with Max – it just seems so different this time around…I think because Max is a totally different baby and because I know it is my last baby (unless I can talk Jake into adoption one day…he knows I’ll try)…my last baby…yep, I know I wrestle with this every week…having a hard time closing this chapter of my life…we have been here for so long.  Yes, I am good with it…just need to soak it all up…every last bit of the baby loving I can get.  Love myself a sweet baby…and a sweet baby Maxie is!

So, what did week forty-two bring for Max?  Well, the time has come for a mobile baby…he finally has the desire to get moving.  Now, he isn’t anywhere close to crawling, but he wants to move…like really bad.  He now throws himself on his belly and will scoot (most of the times backwards) and try to get something.  A lot of times he will get stuck under a piece of furniture and get frustrated.  I know it is just a matter of time before he goes to the real deal of crawling.  He even pulled himself up on me this afternoon.  And, being the totally crazy person I am, I actually started feeling the dread of him being mobile (after I have been dwelling on him not being mobile)…I am so dang crazy (like bat(dang)crazy).    So, I am going to brace myself for a mobile baby and will be praising God for every crazy second of it.  And, some other big news…Max is sleeping Woombie-less right now.  Tonight is the first night.  I am totally dreading the transition…again.  The first transition wasn’t too successful.  Jake and I agree to disagree on the use of the Woombie.  I like myself a full night of sleep and a happy baby…I don’t care if I have to swaddle him until he is ten to get it!  Jake HATES the Woombie.  So, we’ll see how it goes – if Max is ready, then I am ready…BUT if Max isn’t ready, then I am not ready.  I am praying he is ready for this transition (and I really believe he is)…really hoping for a great week of sleep.  And, I am hoping Max will get back to sleeping later in the mornings…he has been quite the early riser this last week…in the sixes.  And, this Mama is not about kids waking up in the sixes (you know because I am having my quiet time…as in quiet time with my eyes closed in my bed…that kind of quiet time).  Sometimes he’ll go back to sleep, but most mornings he’ll just talk until the point he is all done and then he starts crying.  I, of course, cannot sleep while he is talking…so, I have nicknamed him my “sleep robber”…he is seriously robbing me of my morning sleep.  He is also dealing with a cold or allergies this week so maybe that is causing him issues as well.  And, teeth are still coming in as well…so, there is a lot going on for this little boy…maybe I should show him a little grace.  

He has learned that he is not a trash can and you cannot just throw whatever food into his mouth…he has been spitting things out…what?!?  Max likes everything!!!...guess not anymore…sad!  I originally thought he just wasn’t feeling the eating and it wasn’t the items in particular, but I was wrong…he is knowingly spitting out certain things that he is tired of eating…I guess this is just the beginning.  He is back to nursing like a champ again…so, we’ll continue in it…especially since he hasn’t started biting me.  His fine motor skills are getting a lot better and he is able to pick up food bits on his tray…however, he will still not put any of those food bits anywhere near his mouth (however, he has been known to put them in his ear).  This kid is not an oral child at all…no toys, no food…nothing near that mouth that he is willing to do himself.  But, we’ll just keep working on it...I should be thankful he doesn’t put all sorts of junk in his mouth (I have a four year-old who still does that…  I continue to see his personality come out a little more each week…he is very easy going, but he also has a little fire to him and can get worked up.  He likes company and wants people to play with him, but he is also content to play by himself with just a check-in every now and again.  He is curious and wants to see what his brothers are doing – and, he will scream at them when they take away toys from him (he isn’t stupid).  He has an obsession with the iPhone (he likes the wifis)…I can thank myself for that one.  He will scream at me if he sees me with it and I don’t give it to him (awesome…mother of the year).  Oh, well…he can just scream at me.  Maxie has learned to clap and he thinks he is so cool when he is doing it…sweet boy.  He is talking like crazy (and screaming and grunting and roaring)…he has lots to say.  He is so playful and loves to laugh and be silly.  My heart aches for this boy – I love him to the moon and back and cannot imagine my life without him in it!

So, I think I am slowly getting out of my funk…I think.  I still need to get into a better routine.  Judah had a great first week at school…of course he did.  He could care less that there isn’t another person in his class who speaks his language…he just loves to be with people.  He did not get that social gene for me.  I am thankful my boys are so adaptable…such a praise.  Hugh has been doing awesome walking to and from school…and it makes my life so much easier.  So, I am praying that Max sleeps this week…and I am praying more that my joy doesn’t depend on a sleeping baby…God is good and on His throne whether Max sleeps or not.  (Need to focus on that…and have lots of wine and coffee…just in case!)    

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Amy Gerak said...

The last pic just made me tear up! Sooo cute!! I am so glad scheduling is a bit better. I also just googled woombie, so I now know what that is! :)) Love and miss you all so much, Amy :)