Monday, September 15, 2014

Mad Max


Maxie is forty-three weeks and ten months! Let the countdown to the big one year begin! Oh, this little boy...I do love him. Honestly, this hasn't been the easiest of weeks...I even threw out the nickname "Mad Max" this week. He has being sleeping Woombieless at night (naps are a different story)...and he cries at night (break my heart, this little boy cries) and then he wakes up cranky in the morning (missing me my happy Max in the morning for sure!). And, my, oh my, this boy lets you know he is CRANKY...he grunts and screams at you (he isn't crying...just grunting at you). So, while Jake is thankful that Max is sleeping Woombieless at night (we all know I am strongly in the camp of Team Woombie and would keep this boy in it until college)...I miss my always sweet boy (and I know I cannot blame his bad attitude this last week on the fact that he wasn't getting his special hug all night (that is what I think the Woombie does...yep, I am awesome)). So, been a bit of a long week...and, he is sick with a cold (and he is his father's, he and sickness do not get along well at all...lots of drama)...and teething (yep, super fun week!).  But, he is still a sweet boy in spite of everything...just praying for a more peaceful week.

So, what did week forty-three bring for Maxime? Well, his first real cold. I felt like he has been sick before, but this time it is bad - he is so snotty and has a horrible cough...poor buddy. He absolutely HATES getting his nose wiped and using the nose sucker...lots of drama. He also hates taking medicine. So, been a super fun time dealing with all that...BUT he will actually sleep at night still, which is fantastic. (Hence why he still wins the perfect baby award...just kidding (but not really)).
I think he is starting to feel better...maybe?!? I don't really know - we'll see how this week goes. So, other big news is that he is sleeping at night without the Woombie...he does cry when I lay him down, but he is figuring it out and going to sleep. He isn't waking up in the night (well, not usually), but is still waking up early (which he was also doing in the Woombie). I did put him in the Woombie one night - we were going out and he was crying so hard. Sometimes, Max needs that secure feeling...I (emphasis on I) believe there is nothing wrong with that...we all know that I would keep him in the Woombie forever (and I may or may not have ordered him new sleep sacks that he can continue to grow into...I will do anything in moments of weakness...and a crying, sleepless baby make those moments of weakness so bad).  So, he still sleeps in the Woombie at naps - he just couldn't calm at naps and hearing a screaming baby gives me the, I squeezed that baby right back into the Woombie...and, he, we all win. I just want him to be back to sleeping eleven to twelve hours a night versus nine to ten hours...praying for that this week! As I stated above, he has been a bit cranky - he demands you focus on him. He also screams at me and throws a little tantrum (yes, it is starting at ten months...oh, joy) if I take the phone away...he has the wifis obsession bad (I know the feeling).

He still isn't crawling - just throwing himself at things and scooting backwards (we'll find him with his whole body (except his head) trapped under furniture...poor buddy, but it is funny). He'll be mobile when he is good and ready, and for now he makes due. He is reaching for me more and more - I love that he reaches for me...melts my heart. He also gets so excited to see me...and Jake...and his brothers (but it is still special). He gives the best smiles and can be so shy around people - he'll bury his face in it. He loves to play with his brothers and is happy just sitting and watching them...and also destroying their train tracks (and they just love him for doing that). He always cries at nap time and bedtime (with a Woombie or without)...I try to talk him out of it, but it doesn't work - he always cries and it breaks my heart. I am praying this phase ends soon. He is still eating well, but still no self feeding. BUT he actually has started putting things to his mouth (like toys, paper...of course, not food)...that is a big step for him. We are pretty sure he is saying "hi" because he hears it about a million times a day from all of us...other than "hi", he just says "dada"...just to spite me of course. He is still teething and now officially has two teeth (I thought he had two teeth the prior week...I was wrong). Even with it being a hard week, this boy is happy the majority of the time. He is sweet, cuddly, amazing little boy!

Some weeks are longer than others...that is just a fact. I can embrace that truth and roll with it. Honestly, over time and many children, my fuse has become quite long (except on certain things where I have a very, very short fuse). I can wish for many things during my days (a happy baby, a sleeping baby, obedient kids, and the list goes on), but I cannot lose sight that I am in desperate need of God's grace for every second of my days...and I can't do this on my own. Without Christ, I am nothing...that is a fact. So, my greatest wish during my weeks is that Christ shines through me and my boys see it...because without that, all my others wishes would just be a waste. Here is to a new week...for health and happiness!!!

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Amy Gerak said...

Praying right now for health to return and for good sleep. Love and His grace to you, Amy :)