Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sick and Tired

Forty-four weeks! Shut the front door! My baby boy, Max, is forty-four weeks. Cannot believe it! Love this sweet baby to pieces. Seriously. He melts my heart. Honestly, it wasn't the easiest of weeks once again. Max is still getting over his cold and he is teething...so, he doesn't get the greatest of sleep. I hate that he doesn't feel great - hearing his cough is brutal...and when it leads to vomit, it is just painful to us all...for reals. He is also struggling still with the Woombieless transition...he cries and cries at bedtime. (I may have thrown him into his new zippadedooda (or whatever it is called) sack tonight just to see how he would do...and you know what, this boy loves himself a sleeping sack. And, Jake and I will agree to disagree on these sacks...and at the end of the day we all love each other and sing kumbaya.) I am praying his cough doesn't turn into anything more serious, and I don't think it will - he seems to be turning a corner, but holding onto his nasty cough. I really want him to sleep...for him and selfishly, for me...a happy Mama = a happy house (and this Mama needs sleep). We'll see how the new sack goes...maybe they'll be a big disaster...either way, I will take a picture of him in his zippadedooda sack because it is super awesome and he'll thank me for the picture later. Ah, the joys of being a mom!

So, what did week forty-four bring for Maxime? Well, it brought the continued sickness and junky sleeping...such is life. This week did not bring any movement for Maxime - he still scoots backwards...that is still his thing and he gets where he wants to go. We were at a friends' home and their little girl was putting Maxie to shame, but you know what - Maxie don't care, we have another honey badger on our hands. It was fun to watch him with this little girl (she is three weeks younger) - she would keep taking toys from him and he would scream at her. He is not afraid to speak his mind, no he is not. Even though, he isn't mobile - he has quite the reach and normally gets what he wants. He also has lots of people who are more than willing to just give him what he wants. And, he'll scream at you if you don't give him what he wants. He loves to play with his brothers' toys and loves to destroy train tracks - that is his favorite thing to do. He loves to sit outside - watching the trees, playing with leaves and watching his crazy brothers run wild (knowing one day he will have his turn).

He has stopped spitting - yay! Now, he just politely turns his head when he is all done...sweet boy. He hasn't been eating all that great this week unless he is really into what he is eating...lamb, roasted pumpkin and sweet potatoes, butternut squash risotto, lasagna...you know, all the normal foods for a ten month old. Dinner is his favorite meal of the day by far. And, still no self-feeding...I think he is trying to drive me crazy...he doesn't know that this stallion cannot be broken. He still doesn't really put much to his mouth (toys, dirt, knifes...nothing)...but we are working on it. He loves to be read to and will sit and listen, but he also loves to grab at the books and I think I have a major destruct-o on my hands...ugh. Maxie just loves to play...honestly, with anything he can get his hands on. He also continues to love company and will be a happy camper...as long as someone is hanging out with him (think that must be a last born, baby trait). Maxie is the cutest thing ever - he gives these scrunched up faces (I think he is imitating my smile...you know, the one where my eyes disappear...thank you, Mom) and they are so cute. Oh, this boy - he melts my heart...even on those hard days. So blessed!

 So, I am bracing myself...Jake is traveling...again. Such is the life of a Swiss mom (for reals...nobody feels sorry for you here since all the husbands travel). BUT my mom is here - praise the Lord! This will be a cake walk...with some wine. No, it is great that my mom is here - I am very thankful. I am more thankful God has given me an incredible sense of peace when Jake travels - it is what it is and I can choose my attitude and lean on God in my weaknesses. (And, I am praising God for my mom's help since Jake will be traveling 16 of the next 19 days.) I don't want to wish these weeks away...Max is already getting so big (when he was sleeping on me one night this week, he was sprawled across half my body...crazy big), and I know these days are fleeing from me so I can't wish them away. I am praying it will be a good week...with happy, healthy and sleeping babes!


Anonymous said...

He is such a cutie, Jenn! He just keeps getting cuter and cuter :). Love, Evy

Amy Gerak said...

Love all these pics and hearing about life there! :) Sooo glad your Mom is near right now; what a blessing!!! :)