Monday, October 27, 2014

A Crawler!!!


Baby boy is forty-nine weeks!  Yes, in less than three weeks this baby boy will be a year-old.  Oh, my sweet Max...growing up too quickly.  Hugh turned six this last week...yikes, these years are flying by...unreal.  These boys are little for such a short time. Maxie is still little but he continues in his fight for more independence every day.  It is crazy to see how much he has changed in just a month.  It is a love/hate relationship to watch him grow since there will always be a piece of me that wants to keep him a baby forever, but I do love to see his personality come out more and more.  And, that personality is sweet...and spicy.  Yep, he definitely can be a feisty one...he kept that a secret until this last month where he is letting us see his feisty side more and more.  But, he is still such a sweetheart and we love him to pieces!

So, what did week forty-nine bring for Max?  Well, it continued to be another BIG week for him!  Max actually started crawling on his knees.  Now, he only does this about ten percent of the time, but he is still doing it and that is a big deal for this little boy.  I bet by his first birthday he will be a full blown crawler.  To be honest, Jake and I were a bit worried that he would NEVER crawl, but as always...Maxie does stuff on his own timetable.  He also will pull himself up on me or the table...he has absolutely no balance and has no idea that he needs both feet to be flat on the ground in order to really stand.  Even though he doesn't have a full blown crawl, he gets everywhere he wants to go.  Thankfully, he hasn't thought to start on the stairs...yet.  I know it is coming.  I always have to remember to close the basement door as that fall down those stairs would be ugly.  Seriously, I panic just thinking about he tumbling down those stairs.  Shoot, our regular stairs in our house have done damage to our big boys - leaving nasty bruises...I don't want to see Maxie against those stairs.  He dead man pulls himself all over and picks up all my tiny, dirty bits on the floor (having a crawling baby can always remind how dirty my house is...wait, I don't need a crawling baby for that reminder).  However, since he still refuses to put anything in his mouth (bang my head against the wall) I never worry about what he will pick up.  He loves to play around his brothers and destroy whatever they are building.  He is still fairly content to sit and play, but once he is done he starts moving. 

I think he was thankful to be back in his normal surroundings this week and done with vacation surroundings.  We have learned that he is deathly afraid of balloons...and being the awesome Mom that I am, I love to torture him with them.  He loves books and will sit with me while I read (he also loves to rip books).  He hasn't been eating that great this week, but he is also teething - and he finally has another tooth!  I was starting to think he would only have two teeth and his front teeth almost look like they have come out forward versus growing down...can anyone say braces?!?  For reals.  This boy is going to have some jack-y teeth.  With the teething has come a bit of a fussy baby this week...terrible napping, super needy...just struggling.  I have also had those moments where I am so DONE with nursing, but at times this week it is the only thing that will comfort, I continue...BUT I am really thinking about quitting...but I am so close to the year mark...need to finish strong.  Hopefully, his other top tooth will come in quickly.  Compared to his brothers, he isn't a bad teether at all...just needs a little extra lovin'.  He enjoyed his brother's birthday party...from the Ergo.  He wasn't in a party mood, but he can stay in the Ergo for long periods of time and be very content.  He still makes the funniest faces - he latest one is where he closes his eyes and looks up...almost like he is praying.  Maybe it is his way of dealing with the absolute chaos around him.  Max loves to play, smile (sometimes), giggle, and just be silly.  He loves each one of his brothers with a passion, is becoming more a Daddy's boy everyday, but still has a fierce love for his Mama.  Oh, we all love this baby so much!

Hard to believe this baby will be one.  Also, hard to believe my mom just left after being here five weeks...sad.  A year ago she had just arrived to spend two months with us - to help out for my last month of my pregnancy and to then help out post c-section.  I am so thankful for my mom - she is always willing to put her life on hold to help me.  I hate saying goodbye, but it is a part of life when you live far away, and the goodbyes never get easier.  Now, I have to get out of my "my mom left and I am sad" funk and embrace getting back into my routine...and Jake won't be traveling as much (liar!...the trips keep on coming...ugh!).  Back to life, back to reality...we have an empty guestroom for more visitors!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vacation Torture!

Maxime is forty-eight weeks and eleven months!  Wowzers!  My baby is all grown-up.  NO!  I won't believe it...I can't believe it.  Not this baby of mine...not ready for this...not one little bit.  The past eleven months have seriously flown by - hard for me to wrap my mind around it all.  I have loved every bit of these last eleven months...I would do it all over again a hundred times over (yes, I would have a million babies...BUT I couldn't raise them...oh, those babies are so sweet, but those boys are so much work (and so sweet as well)).  I am thankful I am ending this baby season on a high note (thanks to God for blessing us with this sweet boy and for making life easier with an easy baby like Maxime...I would have been all over a hard baby too (we all know I love myself a hard baby...been there, done that)...but in this season of life, it has been really nice (really, really nice) to have an easy baby), we are officially less than a month is to a good close of this baby season!

So, what did week forty-eight bring for Max?  Well, it brought another road trip/ Legoland in Germany.  And, for every little boy in this house, it was a vacation...except for Maxime.  I think it was a bit of torture for Max, but as always he was quite the trooper.  He was forced to skip naps and be snug in the Ergo for three days straight.  We even stayed on property because I was FOR SURE going to nap Max...well, that for sure didn't happen.  I was just having too much dang fun to head back to the room for nap time.  And, Max would sleep here and there in the Ergo and he stayed a happy camper for the most part.  I wish I had myself some stroller sleepers...but I do not.  We went to the park with some good friends of ours - their almost three year-old would just sit himself in the stroller for like two hours and nap (as my kids are running around on sugar highs).  What?!?  I have totally done that to my kids - made them super high maintenance sleepers...BUT my boys are normally great sleepers and we are home ninety percent of the time, so I'll take my non-stroller sleeping boys.  And, they can all rally quite well.  Thankfully, Max slept great at night (last time we went to Legoland was in California and Sam was about eight months old and I think the sleepless nights from that trip are forever etched in our minds...HORRIBLE!!! thankful Max sleeps well) would have been horrible for everyone if he didn't sleep since we were all in one big one big happy family.  He did fairly well on the drives - Max is not a car sleeper (sigh), so he would definitely reach his points of being all done, but for the most part we all survived. 

This boy is all over the place now.  He still isn't crawling, but he is moving himself forward, backwards, sideways...whatever...but just enough to drive me crazy.  By the fourth baby, you are so ALL DONE with baby proofing that unless you see sparks coming from the cord he is chewing on, you just let it go (but then you realize your husband is Jake and you can see him frowning at you and shaking his head...all the way from work because you know he just knows that I am slacking...sigh).  I just can't wait until Max starts up the stairs here (death trap stairs are more like it) will be awesome.  I'll need to put a helmet on him (getting a high five from Jake on that one).  He has learned to sit up all by himself and we found him sitting up in his crib (time to move the mattress down).  It is only a matter of time before this baby is a little speed crawler.  I can sense his need for independence again this feels a little bit like I am losing him (heartbreak)...and losing him to Team Jake (sigh).  Sometimes, I think I just continue nursing him so I can keep him on my team a little longer, but I don't think it is working.  He still loves his Mama, but he wants to be a big boy...sad...I just want him to stay my little baby forever.  He still isn't feeding himself any food (I am fairly certain we'll be feeding this kid forever), but he'll still eat any food.  His new thing now when he is done eating is he sticks his tongue out and shakes off any last bite on his tongue.  I just need to find the right food that he is willing to pick up and then actually put into his mouth...what is that food?!?  He is still nursing, but there are some days when he seems all done - he is VERY loud when he nurses and it makes me laugh...he is very silly.  Max is still lots of smiles and giggles - he is super entertained by his brothers.  He still loves constant company (just needs to know someone is there) and gets mad when you put him down (but he gets over it quickly).  He loves to be outside and will play with any toy.  I can't say he is sweet all the time (he has his moments of total meltdown), but the majority of the time he always has a smile on his face and is a total joy to have around!

Sad that vacation week is over and my mom leaves in a week...reality will hit hard once again.  Such is life when you live away from all your family.  It has been so nice having Jake back - I really do have the best husband in the world.  He is so helpful all of the time and I couldn't imagine doing life without him.  I am thankful for one more week of school break...I can't handle that harsh reality right now (I'll just have to deal with that crushing blow the day my mom leaves...ugh).  So, here is to another week off of school and enjoying the last month of babyhood for little Maxie!   

Monday, October 13, 2014

Big (BIG) Week!


Maxie Moo is forty-seven weeks! Ugh, my baby is going to be one like tomorrow...well, not exactly tomorrow, but close enough. Definitely in countdown mode now! It has been a big week for Maxime and he has definitely shown me this week that he is pushing his baby days behind him and inching towards his toddlers days (insert me sobbing in the corner). Yep, still having a hard time with this last baby being my last baby...oh, I love myself some babies. (And, I love myself some older boys as well...I better because I have a car load of them.) Hard to believe that a year ago at this time I was still hopeful that I wouldn't be having a c-section (although I knew it wouldn't work out since some bleeding episodes had already started...but I was hopeful) much can change in a year (we know that)...pregnancies don't last forever and babies don't keep. And, I would certainly keep this baby forever.

So, what did week forty-seven bring for Maxime? Well, it was a BIG week...a very BIG week! This boy tried to put a bite of food in his mouth...what?!? Unreal! Yes, I know he is almost eleven months old and most babies do this much earlier, but not our Maxie - he does things on his own time and he finally tried to put a bite in his mouth. And, did it continue?!? No, it sure didn't...sad. And, if you try to help him take bites...well, he doesn't like that...not one little bit. But, he loves to have bites put in his mouth (thanks for the snack, stupid) and he loves to play with the food...but take to the food to his mouth...nope, not one little bit. He still eats like a boss - this boy is a tank and a bottomless pit. And, he still nurses four to five times a day. Chunky monkey. Well, as chunky monkey as our babies can, he isn't really that chunky. So, we wait patiently for a baby who will feed himself...too bad they don't sell Cheetos here, I bet he would feed himself those. So, in addition to Max actually trying to feed himself a bite of food...he...wait for it...he moved himself forward! Shut the front door! This kid is the forward motion. Wow. Big, BIG news!

So, now that I know he can move forward (and crawling is right around the corner) I kind of want him to for reals. I like being able to cook dinner at night and keep Max entertained by throwing spoons and knives at him (plastic knives...I ain't that crazy). I highly doubt that once he is crawling he will be entertained by my spoon and knives throwing...sigh. He already goes after cords and food on the ground...but he won't put them in his mouth so that is a big score. I shouldn't complain...he has held out long enough and a baby can only be content for so long sitting and playing with a bunch of random toys. He is very curious (just what I needed in my life...I was just saying, "I wish I had ANOTHER curious boy in my house."). Max still loves company and will cry if you drop and leave him...he is not a hug and roll kind of baby...he wants you to stay awhile...a little snuggle time. And, as long as you keep him company...he is as happy as can be. Good thing he is the fourth baby and always has lots of company. Thankfully, his brothers are always happy to play with him (or sit on him, spit at him, tickle him...and the list goes on). Maxie still says Dada most of the time, but he also says Mama (normally when he is crying...why does it have to be like that?!? Mama when he is crying and Dada when he is laughing...what?!? Oh, well.) and sometimes he says hi. Quite a talker we have on our hands. He is very loud still and makes himself known. He loves to feel like he is part of the conversation. Max is still super sweet...he has definitely grown into his own fiery personality, but he is still sweet the majority of the time. He loves to cuddle...especially with his Mama...melt my heart. He loves to be tickled and giggle. He is getting quite attached to his Gramma and I am sure will be very sad to see her go in a couple of weeks (we will all be sad). He has the funniest facial expressions and is such a coy, little boy...always playing so shy with people. It takes him a bit to give a smile to a stranger. But when he does give you a big was worth the wait! We love this sweet baby so much. Such an amazing blessing!

Jake is home! Yay! And, we leave for holiday tomorrow! To Legoland! (Sounds super glamorous...don't be jealous...however, it is in, that is something.) I am just thankful Jake is home and we can spend some time together. I am so thankful for my husband (even when he leaves me and posts all his pictures on Facebook...such a hard life he leads). I miss him when he is gone and I am a better mother when he is here - truth. So, here is to school break (praise the Lord - this girl is all done with the school schedule...or, at least for the next two weeks I am) and some holiday time!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Trooper

Forty-six weeks! Little Maxime is forty-six weeks! My baby will be a year-old in less than six hard to believe. What an amazing forty-six weeks it has been (and I can even write that while Max is screaming in the car because he is ALL DONE with his car happens and it is sad...even with the constant screaming right now (I think my ears are bleeding.) is still amazing)! He really is such a trooper - surviving another weekend trip. And now, he can say he has been to Zermatt to see the Matterhorn. He just hangs out in the Ergo most of the day and is just so chill...BUT then he is ALL DONE on the car ride home. Oh, well - such is life. I am so thankful for his easygoing personality and his ability to just go with the flow (you kind of have to when you are the fourth and forgotten child)...sweet boy (and still sweet even with the screaming). Love this little boy and the incredible blessing he is to our family!

So, what did week forty-six bring for Maxime? Well, still no forward movement for this boy...just the backwards scoot. I did find him on his knees one afternoon after his nap, but if you try to help him get on his knees during playtime he gets spittin' mad at you. So, the great backwards scoot it is. He is still happy to just sit and play...completely oblivious to the total havoc he could cause if he would just try to crawl. He has a massive reach, which helps him get most of what he wants. My mom said he was able to get to a sitting position from laying down, but I didn't see it...and I don't believe it until I see it. So, all in good time with Maxie...the motto for his life. He definitely lets you know when he is mad at you - he shakes his head and yells at you. That awesome sin nature is so darn cute. He has been eating fine this week...and he'll eat eggs now! He has a very sensitive gag reflex and it is not surprising if he randomly vomits at the table...yummy. He loves IKEA meatballs (yuck) and I would say any type of meat is his favorite. He is back to taking a bottle, which is great. However, Maxime is a comfort nurser - he has been that way since day one.  I am pretty sure I can count on one hand the number of weeks Max has not enjoyed nursing.  It is our thing...never in a million years did I actually think I would enjoy nursing a baby...seriously...BUT, I do this time around.  I have come a LONG way from my nursing days with Hubey.  Sometimes, there is a piece of me that sees me nursing past a year old (now, I highly doubt it will happen...but you never know AND if I do, I will become a total closet nurser, because I know the judgement that comes when you nurse your baby past a year...I would need to move to Africa to be accepted...however, I believe Euros are much more open to it in they don't care...not their baby, not their business (we know that Mamas in the US never feel this way...we always got ourselves an opinion)...and moving on). 

 He seems to have totally quit the pacifier...sigh.  Oh, well.  He was hit or miss on naps this week, but he was a better sleeper overall and just a happier camper (thank goodness for can only punch yourself in the face so many times...although, he still has a nasty cough and is teething (maybe he'll only have two teeth?!?)).  He is enjoying his time with Gramma Anne since she is always willing to hold him and Maxie LOVES to be held.  He still loves his time outside and always stays happy just sitting on a blanket and watching his brothers be crazy.  He gives the best smiles - he has the cutest, little shy grin he gives and he'll bury his face into you when someone he doesn't know starts talking to him.  He was very excited to have Daddy back for a few days - he LOVES himself some Daddy. Jake can always get the biggest giggles from him.  He is still super ticklish, loves company, smiles with his whole face, and is seriously the best baby ever!  These days are going by WAY too fast and I just want to hit the pause button...just for a little bit...please!

 So, another week survived!  (And, so thankful for answered prayers and a much easier week all around.) So glad Jake was home for the weekend - we had such an amazing time in Zermatt...we even went on a date (thank you, Mom).  Sad that Jake leaves again for another week...the life of a work widow.  However, the weeks go by quickly and I am thankful my mom is here to help.  And, Jake will be home for the weekend...I can do this.  Cheers to another week!