Monday, October 27, 2014

A Crawler!!!


Baby boy is forty-nine weeks!  Yes, in less than three weeks this baby boy will be a year-old.  Oh, my sweet Max...growing up too quickly.  Hugh turned six this last week...yikes, these years are flying by...unreal.  These boys are little for such a short time. Maxie is still little but he continues in his fight for more independence every day.  It is crazy to see how much he has changed in just a month.  It is a love/hate relationship to watch him grow since there will always be a piece of me that wants to keep him a baby forever, but I do love to see his personality come out more and more.  And, that personality is sweet...and spicy.  Yep, he definitely can be a feisty one...he kept that a secret until this last month where he is letting us see his feisty side more and more.  But, he is still such a sweetheart and we love him to pieces!

So, what did week forty-nine bring for Max?  Well, it continued to be another BIG week for him!  Max actually started crawling on his knees.  Now, he only does this about ten percent of the time, but he is still doing it and that is a big deal for this little boy.  I bet by his first birthday he will be a full blown crawler.  To be honest, Jake and I were a bit worried that he would NEVER crawl, but as always...Maxie does stuff on his own timetable.  He also will pull himself up on me or the table...he has absolutely no balance and has no idea that he needs both feet to be flat on the ground in order to really stand.  Even though he doesn't have a full blown crawl, he gets everywhere he wants to go.  Thankfully, he hasn't thought to start on the stairs...yet.  I know it is coming.  I always have to remember to close the basement door as that fall down those stairs would be ugly.  Seriously, I panic just thinking about he tumbling down those stairs.  Shoot, our regular stairs in our house have done damage to our big boys - leaving nasty bruises...I don't want to see Maxie against those stairs.  He dead man pulls himself all over and picks up all my tiny, dirty bits on the floor (having a crawling baby can always remind how dirty my house is...wait, I don't need a crawling baby for that reminder).  However, since he still refuses to put anything in his mouth (bang my head against the wall) I never worry about what he will pick up.  He loves to play around his brothers and destroy whatever they are building.  He is still fairly content to sit and play, but once he is done he starts moving. 

I think he was thankful to be back in his normal surroundings this week and done with vacation surroundings.  We have learned that he is deathly afraid of balloons...and being the awesome Mom that I am, I love to torture him with them.  He loves books and will sit with me while I read (he also loves to rip books).  He hasn't been eating that great this week, but he is also teething - and he finally has another tooth!  I was starting to think he would only have two teeth and his front teeth almost look like they have come out forward versus growing down...can anyone say braces?!?  For reals.  This boy is going to have some jack-y teeth.  With the teething has come a bit of a fussy baby this week...terrible napping, super needy...just struggling.  I have also had those moments where I am so DONE with nursing, but at times this week it is the only thing that will comfort, I continue...BUT I am really thinking about quitting...but I am so close to the year mark...need to finish strong.  Hopefully, his other top tooth will come in quickly.  Compared to his brothers, he isn't a bad teether at all...just needs a little extra lovin'.  He enjoyed his brother's birthday party...from the Ergo.  He wasn't in a party mood, but he can stay in the Ergo for long periods of time and be very content.  He still makes the funniest faces - he latest one is where he closes his eyes and looks up...almost like he is praying.  Maybe it is his way of dealing with the absolute chaos around him.  Max loves to play, smile (sometimes), giggle, and just be silly.  He loves each one of his brothers with a passion, is becoming more a Daddy's boy everyday, but still has a fierce love for his Mama.  Oh, we all love this baby so much!

Hard to believe this baby will be one.  Also, hard to believe my mom just left after being here five weeks...sad.  A year ago she had just arrived to spend two months with us - to help out for my last month of my pregnancy and to then help out post c-section.  I am so thankful for my mom - she is always willing to put her life on hold to help me.  I hate saying goodbye, but it is a part of life when you live far away, and the goodbyes never get easier.  Now, I have to get out of my "my mom left and I am sad" funk and embrace getting back into my routine...and Jake won't be traveling as much (liar!...the trips keep on coming...ugh!).  Back to life, back to reality...we have an empty guestroom for more visitors!

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Amy Gerak said...

Sorry for the teething troubles, ugh. Poor Max!! Glad he and you are making it through and that nursing is ending soon! :) Sorry for the goodbyes but always so glad you had such great time with her. Much love, Amy :)