Monday, October 13, 2014

Big (BIG) Week!


Maxie Moo is forty-seven weeks! Ugh, my baby is going to be one like tomorrow...well, not exactly tomorrow, but close enough. Definitely in countdown mode now! It has been a big week for Maxime and he has definitely shown me this week that he is pushing his baby days behind him and inching towards his toddlers days (insert me sobbing in the corner). Yep, still having a hard time with this last baby being my last baby...oh, I love myself some babies. (And, I love myself some older boys as well...I better because I have a car load of them.) Hard to believe that a year ago at this time I was still hopeful that I wouldn't be having a c-section (although I knew it wouldn't work out since some bleeding episodes had already started...but I was hopeful) much can change in a year (we know that)...pregnancies don't last forever and babies don't keep. And, I would certainly keep this baby forever.

So, what did week forty-seven bring for Maxime? Well, it was a BIG week...a very BIG week! This boy tried to put a bite of food in his mouth...what?!? Unreal! Yes, I know he is almost eleven months old and most babies do this much earlier, but not our Maxie - he does things on his own time and he finally tried to put a bite in his mouth. And, did it continue?!? No, it sure didn't...sad. And, if you try to help him take bites...well, he doesn't like that...not one little bit. But, he loves to have bites put in his mouth (thanks for the snack, stupid) and he loves to play with the food...but take to the food to his mouth...nope, not one little bit. He still eats like a boss - this boy is a tank and a bottomless pit. And, he still nurses four to five times a day. Chunky monkey. Well, as chunky monkey as our babies can, he isn't really that chunky. So, we wait patiently for a baby who will feed himself...too bad they don't sell Cheetos here, I bet he would feed himself those. So, in addition to Max actually trying to feed himself a bite of food...he...wait for it...he moved himself forward! Shut the front door! This kid is the forward motion. Wow. Big, BIG news!

So, now that I know he can move forward (and crawling is right around the corner) I kind of want him to for reals. I like being able to cook dinner at night and keep Max entertained by throwing spoons and knives at him (plastic knives...I ain't that crazy). I highly doubt that once he is crawling he will be entertained by my spoon and knives throwing...sigh. He already goes after cords and food on the ground...but he won't put them in his mouth so that is a big score. I shouldn't complain...he has held out long enough and a baby can only be content for so long sitting and playing with a bunch of random toys. He is very curious (just what I needed in my life...I was just saying, "I wish I had ANOTHER curious boy in my house."). Max still loves company and will cry if you drop and leave him...he is not a hug and roll kind of baby...he wants you to stay awhile...a little snuggle time. And, as long as you keep him company...he is as happy as can be. Good thing he is the fourth baby and always has lots of company. Thankfully, his brothers are always happy to play with him (or sit on him, spit at him, tickle him...and the list goes on). Maxie still says Dada most of the time, but he also says Mama (normally when he is crying...why does it have to be like that?!? Mama when he is crying and Dada when he is laughing...what?!? Oh, well.) and sometimes he says hi. Quite a talker we have on our hands. He is very loud still and makes himself known. He loves to feel like he is part of the conversation. Max is still super sweet...he has definitely grown into his own fiery personality, but he is still sweet the majority of the time. He loves to cuddle...especially with his Mama...melt my heart. He loves to be tickled and giggle. He is getting quite attached to his Gramma and I am sure will be very sad to see her go in a couple of weeks (we will all be sad). He has the funniest facial expressions and is such a coy, little boy...always playing so shy with people. It takes him a bit to give a smile to a stranger. But when he does give you a big was worth the wait! We love this sweet baby so much. Such an amazing blessing!

Jake is home! Yay! And, we leave for holiday tomorrow! To Legoland! (Sounds super glamorous...don't be jealous...however, it is in, that is something.) I am just thankful Jake is home and we can spend some time together. I am so thankful for my husband (even when he leaves me and posts all his pictures on Facebook...such a hard life he leads). I miss him when he is gone and I am a better mother when he is here - truth. So, here is to school break (praise the Lord - this girl is all done with the school schedule...or, at least for the next two weeks I am) and some holiday time!


Amy Gerak said...

Have such a good time in Germany Legoland-- who seriously knew????!!! Moses will want to visit Germany for sure, now. :)) Love you all, Amy :)

Our Life said...

Miss you! Landon picked out a book from his school library about a boy named Hubie (I know it's not spelled the same but still made me think of you). Have fun this week!!!!