Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Trooper

Forty-six weeks! Little Maxime is forty-six weeks! My baby will be a year-old in less than six hard to believe. What an amazing forty-six weeks it has been (and I can even write that while Max is screaming in the car because he is ALL DONE with his car happens and it is sad...even with the constant screaming right now (I think my ears are bleeding.) is still amazing)! He really is such a trooper - surviving another weekend trip. And now, he can say he has been to Zermatt to see the Matterhorn. He just hangs out in the Ergo most of the day and is just so chill...BUT then he is ALL DONE on the car ride home. Oh, well - such is life. I am so thankful for his easygoing personality and his ability to just go with the flow (you kind of have to when you are the fourth and forgotten child)...sweet boy (and still sweet even with the screaming). Love this little boy and the incredible blessing he is to our family!

So, what did week forty-six bring for Maxime? Well, still no forward movement for this boy...just the backwards scoot. I did find him on his knees one afternoon after his nap, but if you try to help him get on his knees during playtime he gets spittin' mad at you. So, the great backwards scoot it is. He is still happy to just sit and play...completely oblivious to the total havoc he could cause if he would just try to crawl. He has a massive reach, which helps him get most of what he wants. My mom said he was able to get to a sitting position from laying down, but I didn't see it...and I don't believe it until I see it. So, all in good time with Maxie...the motto for his life. He definitely lets you know when he is mad at you - he shakes his head and yells at you. That awesome sin nature is so darn cute. He has been eating fine this week...and he'll eat eggs now! He has a very sensitive gag reflex and it is not surprising if he randomly vomits at the table...yummy. He loves IKEA meatballs (yuck) and I would say any type of meat is his favorite. He is back to taking a bottle, which is great. However, Maxime is a comfort nurser - he has been that way since day one.  I am pretty sure I can count on one hand the number of weeks Max has not enjoyed nursing.  It is our thing...never in a million years did I actually think I would enjoy nursing a baby...seriously...BUT, I do this time around.  I have come a LONG way from my nursing days with Hubey.  Sometimes, there is a piece of me that sees me nursing past a year old (now, I highly doubt it will happen...but you never know AND if I do, I will become a total closet nurser, because I know the judgement that comes when you nurse your baby past a year...I would need to move to Africa to be accepted...however, I believe Euros are much more open to it in they don't care...not their baby, not their business (we know that Mamas in the US never feel this way...we always got ourselves an opinion)...and moving on). 

 He seems to have totally quit the pacifier...sigh.  Oh, well.  He was hit or miss on naps this week, but he was a better sleeper overall and just a happier camper (thank goodness for can only punch yourself in the face so many times...although, he still has a nasty cough and is teething (maybe he'll only have two teeth?!?)).  He is enjoying his time with Gramma Anne since she is always willing to hold him and Maxie LOVES to be held.  He still loves his time outside and always stays happy just sitting on a blanket and watching his brothers be crazy.  He gives the best smiles - he has the cutest, little shy grin he gives and he'll bury his face into you when someone he doesn't know starts talking to him.  He was very excited to have Daddy back for a few days - he LOVES himself some Daddy. Jake can always get the biggest giggles from him.  He is still super ticklish, loves company, smiles with his whole face, and is seriously the best baby ever!  These days are going by WAY too fast and I just want to hit the pause button...just for a little bit...please!

 So, another week survived!  (And, so thankful for answered prayers and a much easier week all around.) So glad Jake was home for the weekend - we had such an amazing time in Zermatt...we even went on a date (thank you, Mom).  Sad that Jake leaves again for another week...the life of a work widow.  However, the weeks go by quickly and I am thankful my mom is here to help.  And, Jake will be home for the weekend...I can do this.  Cheers to another week! 

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Amy Gerak said...

Yeah for so much stuff-- glad you have your sweet Mom there, especially when Jake is gone. So fun all the fun travels you are taking. :))