Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vacation Torture!

Maxime is forty-eight weeks and eleven months!  Wowzers!  My baby is all grown-up.  NO!  I won't believe it...I can't believe it.  Not this baby of mine...not ready for this...not one little bit.  The past eleven months have seriously flown by - hard for me to wrap my mind around it all.  I have loved every bit of these last eleven months...I would do it all over again a hundred times over (yes, I would have a million babies...BUT I couldn't raise them...oh, those babies are so sweet, but those boys are so much work (and so sweet as well)).  I am thankful I am ending this baby season on a high note (thanks to God for blessing us with this sweet boy and for making life easier with an easy baby like Maxime...I would have been all over a hard baby too (we all know I love myself a hard baby...been there, done that)...but in this season of life, it has been really nice (really, really nice) to have an easy baby), we are officially less than a month is to a good close of this baby season!

So, what did week forty-eight bring for Max?  Well, it brought another road trip/ Legoland in Germany.  And, for every little boy in this house, it was a vacation...except for Maxime.  I think it was a bit of torture for Max, but as always he was quite the trooper.  He was forced to skip naps and be snug in the Ergo for three days straight.  We even stayed on property because I was FOR SURE going to nap Max...well, that for sure didn't happen.  I was just having too much dang fun to head back to the room for nap time.  And, Max would sleep here and there in the Ergo and he stayed a happy camper for the most part.  I wish I had myself some stroller sleepers...but I do not.  We went to the park with some good friends of ours - their almost three year-old would just sit himself in the stroller for like two hours and nap (as my kids are running around on sugar highs).  What?!?  I have totally done that to my kids - made them super high maintenance sleepers...BUT my boys are normally great sleepers and we are home ninety percent of the time, so I'll take my non-stroller sleeping boys.  And, they can all rally quite well.  Thankfully, Max slept great at night (last time we went to Legoland was in California and Sam was about eight months old and I think the sleepless nights from that trip are forever etched in our minds...HORRIBLE!!! thankful Max sleeps well) would have been horrible for everyone if he didn't sleep since we were all in one big one big happy family.  He did fairly well on the drives - Max is not a car sleeper (sigh), so he would definitely reach his points of being all done, but for the most part we all survived. 

This boy is all over the place now.  He still isn't crawling, but he is moving himself forward, backwards, sideways...whatever...but just enough to drive me crazy.  By the fourth baby, you are so ALL DONE with baby proofing that unless you see sparks coming from the cord he is chewing on, you just let it go (but then you realize your husband is Jake and you can see him frowning at you and shaking his head...all the way from work because you know he just knows that I am slacking...sigh).  I just can't wait until Max starts up the stairs here (death trap stairs are more like it) will be awesome.  I'll need to put a helmet on him (getting a high five from Jake on that one).  He has learned to sit up all by himself and we found him sitting up in his crib (time to move the mattress down).  It is only a matter of time before this baby is a little speed crawler.  I can sense his need for independence again this feels a little bit like I am losing him (heartbreak)...and losing him to Team Jake (sigh).  Sometimes, I think I just continue nursing him so I can keep him on my team a little longer, but I don't think it is working.  He still loves his Mama, but he wants to be a big boy...sad...I just want him to stay my little baby forever.  He still isn't feeding himself any food (I am fairly certain we'll be feeding this kid forever), but he'll still eat any food.  His new thing now when he is done eating is he sticks his tongue out and shakes off any last bite on his tongue.  I just need to find the right food that he is willing to pick up and then actually put into his mouth...what is that food?!?  He is still nursing, but there are some days when he seems all done - he is VERY loud when he nurses and it makes me laugh...he is very silly.  Max is still lots of smiles and giggles - he is super entertained by his brothers.  He still loves constant company (just needs to know someone is there) and gets mad when you put him down (but he gets over it quickly).  He loves to be outside and will play with any toy.  I can't say he is sweet all the time (he has his moments of total meltdown), but the majority of the time he always has a smile on his face and is a total joy to have around!

Sad that vacation week is over and my mom leaves in a week...reality will hit hard once again.  Such is life when you live away from all your family.  It has been so nice having Jake back - I really do have the best husband in the world.  He is so helpful all of the time and I couldn't imagine doing life without him.  I am thankful for one more week of school break...I can't handle that harsh reality right now (I'll just have to deal with that crushing blow the day my mom leaves...ugh).  So, here is to another week off of school and enjoying the last month of babyhood for little Maxie!   

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Amy Gerak said...

Have a wonderful week together!! Love the pic of Jake and all four boys-- fun times!! And love the pic of you and your Mom with Max!!! Love and prayers, Amy :))