Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Littlest Explorer

My little baby is fifty weeks! I cannot believe it has almost been a year...crazy! Seriously crazy! (And, I know this is so overplayed because I say it every week, but it really has gone by so fast and I would freeze time if I could.) Oh, these baby days go by so fast...and we will have a toddler...yikes! Thankfully, Maxie is taking his sweet time in his baby days...but he seems to be a little anxious now to move on...break my heart. He is now a full blown crawler and has the world (or at least the first floor of this house) at his fingertips. He absolutely loves this new freedom and is quite an explorer. Oh, just stay a baby forever, Maxie...please, please, please.


So, what did week fifty bring for Maxime? The full blown crawling has definitely been the biggest thing this week. He is all over the place. He is not quite a speed crawler, but he crawls with purpose and a mission, and I so love that about him. He loves to find things on the floor and destroy them - especially paper towels and he has an amazing ability to shred them into the tiniest bits (oh, joy)...he is gifted. He has shown no interest to climb the stairs...yet. However, he does sit at the bottom of them and scream at his brothers when they are all playing upstairs. He has tried to pull himself up a couple of times this week, but it is too hard for him. I am thankful he is enjoying his freedom even if it means life is crazier for me. He finally got another tooth this week! Max has four teeth!!! That is a big deal. This month has been a game changer for him with all the changes. He continues to show some separation anxiety when he is put down - again, he can easily be talked out of it (seriously, you just talk him out of it). But I hate hearing him cry at naps when I leave him...sad. And, speaking of naps...he thinks thirty minutes seems like a good nap. He clearly doesn't know that I will not be broken when it comes to naps...oh, no my friend...oh, no. When other moms tell me their kids stopped napping at like eighteen months…I think that is just crazy talk coming out of their mouths…like wah, wah, wah, wah, wah…ain’t nobody got time for kids that don’t nap.  So, Max can fight his battles, but this Mama will always win the war.  I do think his teeth are bugging him, so I think that is affecting his naps.  It is so weird to have a teething baby this time around that won’t put a single thing in his mouth…clearly he manages his teething in other ways…I just don’t know what those ways are.   

 Yes, still no self-feeding…and he continues to get mad if you make him try.  He doesn’t put anything in his mouth…except his hands, but he really doesn’t do that much either. I know it isn’t a texture issue for him because he’ll eat anything.  Maybe he is just lazy…I mean he is Jake’s son and all…just kidding.  We’ll see his doctor for his one year check-up and see if she has any tricks to entice him.  Honestly, I am taking the nothing in his mouth as a blessing – he cruises around outside and I don’t worry about what I’ll find in his mouth…I can leave the little Legos out and again, no worries about finding them in his mouth.  I know this won’t last forever…maybe he is just getting a late start to all of this and will be like Judah and continuing to put the most disgusting things in his mouth at four years of age.  He definitely continues to get more picky when it comes to food choices…he has his favorites…meat, cheese crisps, pizza, potatoes and fruit.  He pretty much thinks vegetables are a total waste of time…we’ll keep trying.  Max still loves to be outside and has been enjoying it this past week…the rains and the cold, cold, cold come this next week, so I am thankful for the autumn weather we have had – it has seriously been beautiful here…I definitely think the fall time is my favorite time of year here (but I also have heard this is the nicest fall people have seen in years…so, who knows what next year will bring, I know it was colder last year).  He loves to play with the brothers and just explore – the brothers are always very entertaining to him.  He is still happy the majority of the time – lots of smiles and giggles.  He loves to sing – he will join you in whatever song you are singing…and sometimes, he sounds better than Jake…just kidding.  He is one sweet baby…oh; we love this boy so much!


And, here we are…one week post my mom leaving…and we have all survived…a bit more tired, but surviving.  I am pushing myself back into my daily routine and bracing myself for winter that is rearing its ugly head.  I know that sometimes I can get into a funk after my mom leaves, so I am trying to be mindful of that and shepherd my heart well.  I thrive on routine, so I should be good…as long as someone handles all of the work.  Jake and I are starting a cleanse this week…no sugar…ugh.  Sugar is like water to me…for reals.  However, I know this will be good for me and it is only ten days…I should be able to handle ten days (right?!?)…and, it will better prepare me for the Whole30 that we’ll be doing in January.  Yep, embarking on the Whole30!  So, hopefully, we’ll all survive the week with no sugar…praying I don’t take my sugar detox out on anyone!


Our Life said...

Oh my goodness! Hugh is such a little grown up! What a beautiful 6 year old. I starred at that picture because I can see a lot of Oliver in him now. Cute kids ;).

Amy Gerak said...

Love these pics!! And, I am so jealous-- my kiddos were like Judah (everything went in their mouths) and sometimes I still have to tell them to get that plastic thing out! :)) Anyway, love you much, Amy :)

Clayton said...

If Clayton and I can do the cleanse, you have it in the bag. Just don't count the days left 500 times every morning like I did. It doesn't make them pass faster. Shocking. I know.