Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ok, Back to Blogging...

So, I've taken a few months off, but I am getting back to it. I really do enjoy blogging (and having a space to remember things that I will forget...and I love looking back...but sometimes I just have zero desire to do anything...just being honest...but I don't want to forget things like when Judah was two he would always talk like Cookie Monster...sang his ABCs like that...and now he doesn't do it). But, here I am...back to it with a short update on the boys. And then, it will be time to play catch-up (like Sam's 2nd year birthday post because he'll be three in a month...yikes!)!

Hugh (Hubey)
Hugh is midway thru his second year of school and is doing great. We would say he is bilingual now (as much as his vocab allows him to be). We are thankful he has really embraced French and loves school. He has many friends at school - Liam (another English speaking boy) and Emma Rose (a little girl who says she is going to marry him...see, these are the things I want to remember) are his most favorite friends. Hugh loves his brothers and likes to treat me like a queen (so he says)...he really is so sweet to me and is always wanting to help. He has a sensitive heart and I pray that I am so careful with my words so I don't crush his spirit. Hugh loves anything artistic and would like to color with every free minute he has. He asks to have friends over every single day, but sometimes doesn't play with them when they do come over (let me tell something that drives me crazy). We pray that his heart continues to be softened by the truth of the gospel - it is our greatest prayer to see him saved.

Judah (Judah Bear)
Judah is midway thru his preschool year and he loves it, which is a huge answer to prayer. He has picked up a little French (and by little, I mean a very tiny, little bit). He has two friends (Teo and Hugo) at school that both speak English, so he likes to play with them the most. However, he did come home last week and said he has a new friend who only speaks French - we are proud of him. Judah is my snuggle boy and is always good for a cuddle. He loves all things boy - swords, guns, super heroes, and has started to build a love for Legos (as long as someone builds them for him). He talks all the time and is always making us laugh.  He has a deep passion for sharks and talks about them all the time.  He adds so much fun and spice to our lives and brings a smile to everyone we know.

Sam (Sammy Lammy)
Sam will be three in a month!  Yikes, so hard to believe.  We say this little guy has nine lives - he is the clumsiest child I know and also one of the bravest.  Sam attempts things most five year-old children are not willing to do.  I use to be shocked when I would see him climb trees at two, but that is who he fear.  He is tiny guy with the biggest mouth we have ever seen!  And, a very big personality.  We use to call him the sour patch kid because he could be so sour, and then so sweet.  He likes to play with Max, but also teases him quite a bit (he treats Max like the runt dog at times).  He looks nothing like his brothers (this one is all Johnson), but still wants to act just like them (he idolizes Judah big time).  Sam is sweet and funny.  He is very chatty, but is also very shy.  He begs to go to school with Judah and will get his time next year.  We have started working on his ABCs...we got some work to do.  He has changed so much in the eighteen months we have lived here.  We love this little boy so much and so are thankful God has blessed us to be his parents.

Max (Maxie)
Max is almost fifteen months!  He started crawling a little before he turned a year old and is now quite a speed crawler.  He also likes to pound his hands and knees when he crawls, like he means business.  He has completely mastered the stairs like a boss and never once had a tumble (which we think is quite impressive).  He has started standing on his own and is quite the cruiser now as well, I see him walking in the next couple of months.  At around thirteen months he actually started feeding himself!  That was huge for us...makes my life much easier.  He will still eat almost anything, but he definitely gets burned out on things.  He lives in his jammies...must have a lazy Mama.  He officially switched to Team Jake (it was bound to happen) and cries (cries, cries) whenever Daddy leaves him.  We definitely have seen a feistier side to Max in the last few months.  He is still fairly chill, but he has added some screaming and high maintenance tendencies...the screaming in the high chair is painful.  He is very chatty...but just babbles and only has a few words (Mama, Dada, up, and hi...and sometimes I hear him say Judah).  He loves his brothers like crazy and always wants to be doing whatever they are doing. Max is sweet and cuddles, he melts our heart with his lovable personality.

Jake and I are back into the swing of the new year.  Jake is busy with work, but his brother, Dan, is visiting so he gets to do some fun skiing in the Alps, which is great.  I am busy with kids as always.  We just finished our first Whole30 and I see us doing one again - we felt great and lost some weight.  It was a lot of work, but for the most part I enjoyed it and I know that I should eat healthy.  I have also started weekly French lessons this year...I am trying, but it is so hard!  We have booked our holiday over the Easter break and will be headed to the beach in Turkey for a week, which will be fantastic (no cooking or cleaning for a that is a vacation...I might never want to come back!).  So, life is full, but so good.



Our Life said...

Yay! I'm so glad you are back. I blog some stuff every now and then too. It's hard to remember or want to blog sometimes. Miss you!!!

Karla said...

I enjoy reading your blog posts. glad you are back to blogging.

Amy Gerak said...

Been crazy lately, but I am so glad to be back checking my blogs! Love hearing about you all!! :))